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  1. H A R R Y

    Asami's Vouch thread

    Asami wouldn't scam you. Vouch...
  2. H A R R Y

    Reliable's Showcase

    These are very good, brother.
  3. H A R R Y

    My best showcase so far !

    My boy @Kidnape/GFX still at it! Nice
  4. H A R R Y

    X2 Dragon war hammer drop, kc 2070

    Lol pretty lucky, congratz.
  5. H A R R Y

    Last Post Wins

    Winner mwauhaa
  6. H A R R Y

    Cream's Showcase

    Nice showcase, Cream. My favorite one is probably the Darth one.
  7. H A R R Y

    Terrorism V Not terrorism

    I believe it has to do with any political affect/motive to be labeled as an act of terrorism however in my eyes it was surely an act of terrorism as the terrorist had no other motive but to harm/kill innocent people.
  8. H A R R Y

    Elkoy Updates [30/09/2017]

    Sweet updates wewt.
  9. Oi mate give us a hand, every username I use is taken, I keyboard smashed for 10 minutes trying to log in, what's the go with this shit?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. H A R R Y

      H A R R Y

      I can't make an account for you and give you the info, try asking a friend or something to do that for you if other solutions don't work. 

      It should let you login with any name that isn't taken though, so idk what's going on there mate. 

    3. GeniusEyes


      Yeah alright, well I'll probably just find a different server because it's pissing me off to be honest. Might want to mention it somewhere so people are aware of it because it's stupid. 

    4. X Dark Z

      X Dark Z

      You might be on a vpn connection, it won't work in that case.

  10. H A R R Y

    Monthly Awards - September [Voting]

    - Most Active In-Game - Most Active Forum @Azeem - Most Active Discord - Most Helpful @Pkerown - Best Clan - Best Ironman I liked @42 Def - Best Hardcore Ironman - Best Overall Pker - Best Hybrid - Best PvMer @rise against - Best Skiller - Best Youtuber @Sohan - Best GFX Designer @KidNape/GFX The categories for Staff are: (players are allowed to vote on this) - Most Active @Craig - Best Pker @Fergus - Best Skiller @Supreme - Best PvMer @verxi (not sure why tag didnt link to profile but meh)
  11. Enjoy, and congratulations to the winners. As I said earlier, I might be doing more giveaways like this in the future so stay tuned.
  12. H A R R Y

    Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    I'd want Conor to win, but Floyd probably will win. Let's see.
  13. Thanks for the positive feedback, appreciate it.

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