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  1. Dharok's Tournament Sign Up Thread

    Im in for a bit of fun. IGN : Akinfenwa
  2. Monthly Awards - September [Voting]

    Players - Most Active In-Game : takure - Most Active Forum : Azeem - Most Active Discord : Jonez - Most Helpful : Rise Against - Best Clan : #PVMLEGENDS bby - Best Ironman : I R N G - Best Hardcore Ironman : HC Lilo - Best Overall Pker : Not Houdini - Best Hybrid : - - Best PvMer : Rise Against - Best Skiller : - - Best Youtuber : Artz / Khalil - Best GFX Designer : Kidnape Staff - Most Active : Jonez - Best Pker : Mario - Best Skiller : Asami - Best PvMer : Fergus
  3. Middle Man

    Huge vouch for highsrs, can trust him with any amount tbh. Great person aswell. +1
  4. Comp

    Damn man, that's a very impressive time to get comp in. Massive gratz to you my man!
  5. Staking Event Sign Up

    IGN : Akinfenwa
  6. Flower Poker Event - Sign Ups

    IGN : Akinfenwa
  7. Wildy boss luck :)

    Woah.... Vet'ion pet on 1st kill? Damn that's some mad luck aswell as venenatis pet on 22 kc, nice job!
  8. Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    Very nice updates here, but most of all I'm very excited to see inferno and watch sasukes die to it. :kappa: Nah but I'm sure everyone else is also really excited for inferno and I hope it's coming in the near future. As for now, these updates are a solid addition to the game. Good work to the developer team.
  9. introduction [new developer]

    You should really learn how to welcome ppl and not just use them for your demands.. Welcome zion, very glad to have you here. It's nice to see a new addition to the developer team. Should be a good step towards releasing new and constant updates. Hope you can do some good work here
  10. Took me days for this pet!^^

    Gz mannnn I know how badly you wanted this pet, nice to see you finally got it

    Clickbait most probably
  12. Hello All!

    Welcome to Elkoy bud, hope you enjoy it here
  13. Completionist

    Grats yogi, pretty big achievement (no pun intended) Guess you made good use of them pegs after all
  14. The Elkoy Chronicles III

    Another very well-done newspaper. These will be a nice read in the upcoming weeks to get everything that happened in the week in one thread Very good job newspaper team.
  15. Yogi's Promotional Signature

    lool this is gold, kilts n all perfect for yogi

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