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  1. Ice Demon

    Ice Demon> You have 66(66 mins) points left Hm
  2. Soul Wars Guide

    Great guide, hopefully soulwars will be more active, as the rewards are insane!
  3. Inb4 all items getting hoarded by sohan v 2.0.1
  4. Unnecessary inferno methods

    Show guide how to do triple jad on this server, This whole trash is bugged af, with their prayers rework that drains too fast..
  5. Turnt's up application

    In your fantasy: Great format, I see you worked really hard on your application ''your application has been accepted'' I think you would do better than some of them over here lmfao. Nowadays Staff gets trashed by others, especially in pvp or in yell. '
  6. LOL making a big deal in 2k17. Nice, prob u got bullied out pre eoc
  7. You Ok Vet?

    He boosted with ''raggers'' LOL what a joke.
  8. PvM Legends - Raids event!^.^

    Count me in bruh Ayera
  9. Kree'Arra (Armadyl Boss) Guide!

    Great video! Next time use cheaper gear. Usually the beginners don't have experience and no money for such expensive items. Also Why ancient prayers and no normal prayers. You could also add to afk this boss, blood barrage them in a corner, but obviously you need more prayer pots. Overall just great video
  10. Another #Hamster down.

    A moment of silence for #hamsters.. rip 2017-2017
  11. Weekend of events - F2P Pking

    ign lox ayera
  12. Weekend of Events [Staking Event] Sign Up

    IGN LOX Ayera
  13. Flower Poker Tournament Sign Ups 6/23

    sign me up Ayera
  14. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: AyeraTime played: 6 days and 11 hoursTime Zone: GMT+1IRL Name (optional):Favourite boss's: all of them, Never did phoenix as i needed a team for it. Also never done ice demon.Boss experience: Over 9000 Att, str, def, hp, mage, range, pray and summ lvl: max capeEvent Availability times (server time): wether i login, randomlyLittle about yourself (optional): I am 21 years old. I live in the Netherlands. What else I've to say ^^ Can you use Discord? Yes

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