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  1. Buncha sigs

    Fuck i always despised you looool
  2. Cream's Showcase

    Lexadzn? Used to talk to you on skype, if it's you pm me - should post some updated stuff, considering those pieces are 4+ years old! haha, just wanna make sure you aren't ripping his stuff
  3. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    Glad you like it dude i don't play in game much so enjoy
  4. Logo for Cali Weed

    Nice font
  5. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Awesome to see so many people responding, currently 15 to do which i think will keep me on my toes for a little bit, please wait for me to post these requests before making further requests just so that there doesn't become an impossible line, thanks guys :* Here are the first few requests, will continue on the rest when i get some more free time! @Turnt Up @skills888 @Grade @Millygames
  6. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    Those of you who remember me from ikov may remember my free graphics store, i completed a sh*tload of free orders and it kept me motivated, and as i don't really play in game, there is little point in charging for work on here, so i am back opening my free store. Format: Desired text: Subtext (if applicable): Colour scheme: Theme (if applicable): To order please just leave a comment, please do not send pm's asking when it will be finished either, all of these orders will be done in my free time, though will all eventually be completed. If you're after a more premium service, please pm me to discuss, this store is primarily exclusive to forum signatures only. I will place a few pieces here as well to give you an idea of what to expect
  7. Looking for suggestions for next illustration, pls suggest any cartoons/people you'd like to see!

  8. Rick Sanchez Illustration

    I'm saving up for the pro! something to use as a tablet is something i've wanted for a long time but in that time i've just had to make do with a mouse hahah, thanks for the awesome feedback
  9. Rick Sanchez Illustration

    Was just using a mouse for this one! D: hahaha
  10. Rick Sanchez Illustration

    Tried some more illustration again, this was all done in PS this time though. FINAL: Progress images:
  11. Buncha sigs

    They're all made on cooltextgen lmfao
  12. Buncha sigs

    No worries dude!
  13. Buncha sigs

    Picked out some names from people i know, was mainly just for ideas but if you'd like to use these you're all more than welcome to, i'll probably do this again so if you want to perhaps feature in the next one just leave a comment and ill use your name, c heers. @James @ me @rise against @Azeem Be sure to sneak a comment below if you'd like to feature in the next one! Ty!

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