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  1. Quick Tag, thoughts?

    I like what you did.. again! I really enjoy your work and this 3D thing is really working! Only the tekst beneath the roman numbers is a little hard to read for me.. Keep up the good work!!!

    Vouch for this guy. Even tho i still almost always lose when i gamble with you ;p lucky bastard! Still enjoy it even so
  3. a week and a half and i'll be able to play all day ;D

  4. What Lead you to RSPS

    I wasted alot of time on F2P on RS in elementary school, so i once purchased a month membership and i LOVED it! but ofcourse my month went by pretty fast and i didn't want to keep paying money for it so i started looking up a way to "not pay" on google and i found top100arena. A whole new world opened and i got hooked
  5. The farmers Vouch page.

    Bump, plz vouch for me guys.. i've done this alot the last couple of days..
  6. Flower Poker Tournament - 26/5/2017 - 60B PRIZES!

    ign: the farmer
  7. The farmers Vouch page.

    Plz vouch if i hosted or mmed for you!
  8. Fluxate Has Arrived.

    Glad to have you mate!
  9. Lottery Event - 5/23/17

    hahaha same..
  10. King Rex

    Welcome to the game! If you ever need a Belgian to talk to, laat maar iets weten! ;p
  11. Elkoy Updates [23/05/2017]

    Oh i love it! Great update! I'm looking forward for this "extremely fun" thing. No sneak peek?
  12. Just Checking By

    Welcome to Elkoy Dazzled! hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
  13. Elkoy workout plan

    The question we all ask ourselfs
  14. That' s alot of PVP but still.. nice vid!
  15. Hola.

    Hi I'm the farmer and i'm also a netflix addict. Hahaha welcome to Elkoy!