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  1. Its been along time

    Welcome back mate , Good luck
  2. Raids development log

    Great work guys , Keep it up
  3. Staking event sign ups

    Oh Good luck everyone I'm In Ign : piggypwns
  4. Weekend Of Events [16-18/02/18]

    Love it , Good luck everyone
  5. Elkoy Updates [12/02/2018]

    we've waited so much for this updates , Thank you so much worth the time
  6. First Balance elemental kill :D

    ooo boi Gzzz , fair enough that it's yours
  7. Little Giveaway ;)

    Tyvm tho , congratulations on the pet !!!
  8. Little Giveaway ;)

    ok 939 , good luck everyone
  9. Server Support Position

    Elkoy in-game name: Piggypwns Why do you want server support? I see myself an active member of the game somehow (of course not the most compared to alot other players) , I had the chance to be one of the server support members before but never happened after that , I am mostly active at the support cc even when not responding , I have a good ingame experience and almost done most of the things, and finally I want to get to know the rest of the staff team and deal with more server issues.
  10. Easy & 99% AFK Mining Guide (80-99 Guide)

    l0l can't believe this is the first time I see the guide , Great one thanks
  11. Drygore fiesta ^.^

    Elkoys Drygores droprate average , 1:172 Rise against's own drygore droprate , 1:13 Haha gz dude ez 65b I guess
  12. Happy Birthday Elkoy RSPS!!! (VIdeo)

    l000000l can't even believe I just watched this , hilarious tho.
  13. Winter Award Winners

    fair enough , congratulations everyone
  14. RIP BANK MADE #1 staker

    RIP , Good luck with the rebuild I'd guess.
  15. Haunter's Achievements

    now that's a good progress, good luck tho

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