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  1. Kidnape/GFX

    Elkoy 24hrs from 0gp

    @besupersuppe hey man how's the results , I'm curious
  2. Kidnape/GFX

    Staking Tricks EP2 : Attack Styles

    TIE TIE TIE TIE TIE ! Your staking RNG is hilarious L0L
  3. Kidnape/GFX

    Soul Wars Guide

    Finally started doing guides about time Ha ! very useful and helpful guides ! thank you so much I'm sure this will help everyone out
  4. Kidnape/GFX

    GFX - New Signature

    what black box , Its purple etc , but thank you for the feedback !
  5. Kidnape/GFX

    GFX - New Signature

    Tried something new but didn't add much effects as I cant [ don't have my PACK'S ATM ] Lmk what u think and which is better !
  6. Kidnape/GFX

    Youtube Profile Picture Request

    actually i made it on PS , I can send u how i did it haha . maybe by luck its same . Pm if u dont believe me wait i got u , its the gnome child haha . elements asked for it so thats why i used
  7. Kidnape/GFX

    Youtube Profile Picture Request

    are you silly or its normal in you haha @Elements340 I hope this is enough for now , I'm heading to the military soon so I wont be able to do good GFX , anyways have it for free ! hope its enough
  8. Kidnape/GFX

    Elkoy 24hrs from 0gp

    its gonna be hard but fun and worth it if you make it goodluck , I'm sure you can do it from the years I've know you
  9. Kidnape/GFX

    Selling DWH CHEEP!

    I'd pay you 30k what do you say ? we gotta sit down and think about this price , I'm kinda overpricing so
  10. Kidnape/GFX

    Elkoy hybridding PK vid 1

    you are talented p,s : ill try to ' brid ' you somehow
  11. Kidnape/GFX

    X2 Dragon war hammer drop, kc 2070

    @Sekto remember your old topic Congrats alot deserved man
  12. Kidnape/GFX

    My best showcase so far !

    ayyyyy brother <3
  13. Kidnape/GFX

    My best showcase so far !

    and yet a lot of people love them and I get a lot of customers , these all are the ' same ' style because this is rsps , I love doing those for a rsps and not the real Gfx's , I can do real Gfx's and a lot more but I just don't get it into Elkoy or any server , thank you for your ' feedback' but ill stick to these in the Rsps scene
  14. Kidnape/GFX

    My best showcase so far !

    Already Pmed you about that

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