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  1. Show Case - 1st Legend

    very nice dude ! P,S ; your portfolio link is broken
  2. Road to EXTREME ??

    Sure thing pal ! Thanks mate ! booooyy <333
  3. aye m8

    welcome buddy !! hope you enjoy your stay and glad you joined the best community
  4. Road to EXTREME ??

    Hey there ! this is my goal to achieve the extreme donator rank because its sexy ( legendary is even more tho ) and I want to finally enter ::ezone after playing months and I really want to f**king achieve this because I'm bored of the donator rank haha How I'm gonna achieve this ? try to rebuild by : gambling & Pvm. accept donations by good mofo's MAYBE ill try selling some of my GFX ? PM me to see my showcases so u decide if you want to make a deal ! ) Thanks everyone and I appreciate the support and ill never forget this ! ill benefit you back some day ^^ p,s ; trust me I WILL !!
  5. First 500M Runecrafting!!^.^

    @rise against THE GRIND !! You finally got it boy !! the one and the only !! you deserve it buddy
  6. Vext's FREE GFX Shop

    ill give this a shot ! Desired text: Kidnape Subtext (if applicable): The legend Colour scheme: Black/White Or Red / Black Theme (if applicable): Wolves Theme or something that has connection with wolves
  7. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    gotcha m8
  8. Requesting Signature, prize for winner!

    Feedback ? -- Can try different style ^ @Darth Zach
  9. Hi everyone

    welcome to the community and enjoy your stay ! @Ms.Ema
  10. Inactive -- Kidnape

    hey there , I'm gonna be inactive for week or so because soon ill have exams and its last year of school so its kinda heard to play hours on ELKOY and also focus . so ill be inactive and study and try to succeed as much as I can .. that doesn't mean I'm going to log off till the end , ill hop on ELKOY sometimes and just enjoy it and do what I can and I can only stay maybe max 4 hours or less.. sorry for inactiveness and yeah ENJOY your play ! NOTE ; ill be active on forums although ^

    uMAD ? chill !! no flaming tho

    Duhhhh What @Michael said obviously... we cant really discuss & argue about this ?! ^^
  13. Huge Giveaway! Win a PS4, XB1 & more!

    Wow , For first time in RSPS World ... there is a IRL Giveaway ! this is amazing folks , greatest ELKOY is giving away IRL items to several people and its very appreciated ! none really owe u anything and u still giveaway these amazing stuff !!! Thanks for giveaway and much appreciated guys !!! keep up the good work
  14. Kidnape's GFX showcase V,2 !

    Hey there , I decided to create new Showcase since my old one has too much sign's that are almost same style so I decided to mix up styles and literally wont use any of the styles I used before .. so in the NEW Showcase you'll see completely new style I have made ! feedbacks are appreciated !!

    Some feedbacks or opinions would be appreciated