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  1. radical avatar james!

    1. James


      you too supreme!

  2. Custom Donations List

    Thread has been updated with screenshots and which slot each item goes into.
  3. introduction [new developer]

    Welcome to Elkoy, looks like we meet again.
  4. The Elkoy Chronicles II

    Nice work. I really enjoyed doing this interview.
  5. hi i  have been ip banned / mac banned for days and i dont know why i only asked for my 2b plus item which i lost during a disconection by the server and after that i try to log in with my user it says account disabled i reported the bug and appealed for my account with no follow ups help please

  6. Elkoy Chronicles

    Now this is a quality newspaper. Really enjoyed reading through it, can't wait for the next one.
  7. Elkoy Official Rules

    Two new sub rules have been added, rule 11 section e and rule 3 section c. • e. You may not afk and advertise over yell. This includes POS, forum threads, and other types of in-game advertisements. • c. You may not advertise your gambling clan outside of the gambling area (castle wars).
  8. Some work done by me

    Nice work
  9. Julia: This is what I feel for you.

    Alright that's enough of these threads.
  10. Skilled pvp

    Welcome mate
  11. LeBron is about to make history... This was his plan all along. Lets say a prayer for the warriors and their bandwagon fans.
  12. Dealing with scammers is the staff members job, not yours or another players. Leave it up to the staff to deal with them. Nothing to discuss here, you're just upset about a mute.
  13. Opening Mboxes - Yellow phat giveaway!

    I love mystery box opening videos, nice video man.
  14. yo did u perma mute me ? wasent it 2 days :o ?

    1. Duke
    2. Eva


      duke its w.e if im perma mute might aswell quit Lll

    3. IP V MI