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  1. hey boss who do i need to talk to about a custom?


    1. Funny Man

      Funny Man

      Message Harry/Macrosun/Supreme/Mamba on the Discord, it'll be the easiest way of communication.

  2. Last Post Wins

    mamba smells!
  3. how do i play on crome os?


  4. Monthly Awards - September [Voting]

    - Most Active In-Game: @Pkerown - Most Active Forum: @Azeem - Most Active Discord: @Pkerown - Most Helpful: @Pkerown - Best Clan: Pvm legends - Best Ironman: @42 Def - Best Hardcore Ironman: @Hc Lilo - Best Overall Pker: @Vet - Best Hybrid: @Vet - Best PvMer: @Century/ @rise against - Best Skiller: @rise against - Best Youtuber: @Sohan - Best GFX Designer: @KidNape/GFX The categories for Staff are: (players are allowed to vote on this) - Most Active: @Craig - Best Pker: - Best Skiller: @Mamba - Best pvmer: @Fergus
  5. radical avatar james!

    1. James


      you too supreme!

  6. Custom Donations List

    Thread has been updated with screenshots and which slot each item goes into.
  7. introduction [new developer]

    Welcome to Elkoy, looks like we meet again.
  8. The Elkoy Chronicles II

    Nice work. I really enjoyed doing this interview.
  9. hi i  have been ip banned / mac banned for days and i dont know why i only asked for my 2b plus item which i lost during a disconection by the server and after that i try to log in with my user it says account disabled i reported the bug and appealed for my account with no follow ups help please

  10. Elkoy Chronicles

    Now this is a quality newspaper. Really enjoyed reading through it, can't wait for the next one.
  11. Elkoy Official Rules

    Two new sub rules have been added, rule 11 section e and rule 3 section c. • e. You may not afk and advertise over yell. This includes POS, forum threads, and other types of in-game advertisements. • c. You may not advertise your gambling clan outside of the gambling area (castle wars).
  12. Some work done by me

    Nice work
  13. Julia: This is what I feel for you.

    Alright that's enough of these threads.
  14. Skilled pvp

    Welcome mate