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  1. Last Post Wins

    abcdef fuck i forgot the alphabat fck i forgot how to spell
  2. buy or build a desktop

    should i build one? (never done this but apparently its not as hard as it seems) or buy one? (most people online say this is a bad option but idk maybe one of u know a good website)
  3. Worldcup 2018!

    Winner (because...): France < op Best team (because...): France < op The time I love the most (because...): Australia i always laugh when someone thinks the world cup isnt the biggest sport/cup/event in the world
  4. Does God exist?

    the bonus question is no Extra life would basically mean god doesn't exist because whats the point in having extra life? if this world is just a test for our souls no point in having them.
  5. combat sport discussion who is the best?

    No one is the best p4p for me as of right now
  6. R16 champions league

    Score predictions for the big matches? ( in aggregate ) mine are chelsea vs Barcelona 3-5 psg vs Real Madrid 3-1 juventus vs spurs 4-2 liverpool vs Porto 2-4 Big matches for just the start i want chelsea to be Barca but I don't know how much of a reality that is
  7. combat sport discussion who is the best?

    No..... he is literally scared of fighters that have shown success he literally said he is scared of moving up a weight because he might get a concussion
  8. Does God exist?

    I'll break it down for y'all (not saying I got all the answers) religions = fake/a cover/something made to take advantage of something god = real but too a certain extent afterlife = 100% real religion is fake because= look at our history so many religions were made before these religions now days so basically it's a copy of a copy of a copy etc religion is a joke if you think about it, just take a second.... still don't understand why? Lemme explain There is 3 doors 1 leads to heaven other 2 hell 3 religions at the side of each door there is all the proof the religion has you have 80 years to make up your mind on which one to pick that's religion for ya honestly if everyone was born without being told to believe in something there would be much much much less people believing in something most people are brainwashed, they are taught from babies to believe in something they aren't gonna change religions so you don't even have a choice hell is bullshit and not real it makes no ducking sense why would this person "devil" have more power then me? And why would god go "you didn't believe in me? Hahaah burn!!!" Last time I checked god and the devil are enemies yet god is more powerful yet the devil is still here what? Makes no sense why would god keep someone that manipulates people Apparently god = untoucheable/most powerful has an enemy that he doesn't wanna destroy and better yet gives souls that are bad to him doesn't the devil feed of souls and shit, so if he does then why does god reject people and apparently the only other place that exists after u die is hell afterlife = Maybe it's a place with plenty of kingdoms and each one is different (not like hell and heaven). Or maybe we just keep dying on different planets without knowing we had a life already on a different planet could be anything but no one can say there is nothing after we die just look around look at our brains hearts the sun the earth why is it perfect how can a Big Bang create this we are either a long project by aliens or some god started it plus no one knows what a god really is, maybe it's a term of a king in the place u go to Ps: when I put equal I am just trying to give my 2 cents on what I think will happen
  9. Is taxation theft?

    My proof= history government = a way for a country to run and connect with other countries no government means we will go back to the old days when who ever had the most money for an army would own the most land e.g the whole world pre governments btw there is 0% proof of u.s links with isis if I'm not mistaken Saudi Arabian rich people funded them and that just proves my point on how rich people can pay for something to take control of land so imagine a world with no government which would mean no army and that means no one to defend something private security firms is the exact thing I'm talking about, they will basically control the land, how you might ask because someone is paying them and the guy that is paying them is the government of that area so basically someone has to pay for a private security firm and therefore who ever owns it owns the land they control therefor it's a dictatorship or government whichever the guy chooses
  10. Is taxation theft?

    This is stupid. think about it for a second if the current government shuts down a new one will form one word "war" just like in the old days when people use to raise army's to take over land and control it same thing will happen. we have evolved as people into the government rather then have kings and other rankings of people controlling land. say the government goes away terroist groups will start to thrive in taking over land other rich people will have army's and no one can tell him not to do it because there is no official law for him to follow private police make no sense what law who is gonna pay them whats to say about they won't be even more corrupt at the end of a day if a country does not have a good government it will fall into chaos "Syria" is one country with not that good of a government and look at what happens there same for Yemen if the U.S government never existed these terroist groups would be winning and would more then likely control a lot of countries.
  11. Is taxation theft?

    1. A private security firm as police would be horrific 2. We already have private schools, hospitals and they are expensive af its not basic economy lol if all the private hospitals keep there prices high and there is no where else to go to for a hospital you will be forced to pay the high price a private police force will cause so many riots you don't understand literally no one will comply, some people already treat cops like shit and then we have to talk about the court/jail/laws who would set them? Thats why we have a government we vote for someone that will do the best no government = death a country without a government would fail and it would be a war with rebels and gangs, because no one would actually have a right to the land
  12. Opinions on the iPhone X

    If you really want it then get it but im telling you any other iphone (6 and above generation) will do the exact same thing expect for faceid iphone x is too much for what it offers.
  13. Is taxation theft?

    "Technically" it is theft, at least for the people that don't wanna pay but have to otherwise they face court. it is needed but technically it is theft for those who do not wanna pay but are forced. @Fred we don't "need" the government for hospitals, fire dept, police etc but think about how expensive it would be when private companies start owning that type of stuff and who would actually be the police. tax= theft by the government if you are being forced and do not want to
  14. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Scamming = a form of stealing regardless 1. You told this person the wrong definiation of the rule 2. The reason you gave can't even be explained like all I wanna know is how does yelling make more scams im way too curios to stop with out an explanation
  15. Is staking a form of gambling?

    I would stop replying if you made some sense since you are a staff member. why you bringing up opinion? do you not know what it is? you mentioned a "fact/reason" towards something that's not an opinion, an opinion is me liking/disliking something or something similar to liking/disliking. you say you already explained it yet I see no explanation and this isn't even why you aren't allowed. this is so simple scamming has nothing to do with sending a message. since it makes no sense all I'm doing is asking for an explanation as to how. also it's literally the same(my comparison) mcdonalds advertising= sending a msg for people to come gamblers yelling= sending a msg for people to gamble with them scamming = stealing and stealing = robbing so what do you mean?

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