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  1. Is taxation theft?

    1. A private security firm as police would be horrific 2. We already have private schools, hospitals and they are expensive af its not basic economy lol if all the private hospitals keep there prices high and there is no where else to go to for a hospital you will be forced to pay the high price a private police force will cause so many riots you don't understand literally no one will comply, some people already treat cops like shit and then we have to talk about the court/jail/laws who would set them? Thats why we have a government we vote for someone that will do the best no government = death a country without a government would fail and it would be a war with rebels and gangs, because no one would actually have a right to the land
  2. Opinions on the iPhone X

    If you really want it then get it but im telling you any other iphone (6 and above generation) will do the exact same thing expect for faceid iphone x is too much for what it offers.
  3. Is taxation theft?

    "Technically" it is theft, at least for the people that don't wanna pay but have to otherwise they face court. it is needed but technically it is theft for those who do not wanna pay but are forced. @Fred we don't "need" the government for hospitals, fire dept, police etc but think about how expensive it would be when private companies start owning that type of stuff and who would actually be the police. tax= theft by the government if you are being forced and do not want to
  4. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Scamming = a form of stealing regardless 1. You told this person the wrong definiation of the rule 2. The reason you gave can't even be explained like all I wanna know is how does yelling make more scams im way too curios to stop with out an explanation
  5. Is staking a form of gambling?

    I would stop replying if you made some sense since you are a staff member. why you bringing up opinion? do you not know what it is? you mentioned a "fact/reason" towards something that's not an opinion, an opinion is me liking/disliking something or something similar to liking/disliking. you say you already explained it yet I see no explanation and this isn't even why you aren't allowed. this is so simple scamming has nothing to do with sending a message. since it makes no sense all I'm doing is asking for an explanation as to how. also it's literally the same(my comparison) mcdonalds advertising= sending a msg for people to come gamblers yelling= sending a msg for people to gamble with them scamming = stealing and stealing = robbing so what do you mean?
  6. Is staking a form of gambling?

    So basically you can't explain it. like how could you match scamming and giving out a msg to people. so basically McDonald's shouldn't advertise their restaurant as it will increase robberies what don't I get? i literally asked for you to explain it and you told me I don't get it
  7. Is staking a form of gambling?

    I don't care that it's against the rules. just explain what yelling about fps has anything to do with scamming?
  8. Is staking a form of gambling?

    1. fp on yell is not banned because of scamming ( While we offer this feature, we do not want it to be our primary source for everyone to want to go to rather than use skilling, merchanting, etc <reason) 2. if it was banned for scamming then how would it prevent anything? that makes no sense at all, me: teleports to gamble and i see no one there, so i teleport out. random person: teleports to gamble, no one is there but he is there waiting random person wants to yell but cant which makes him wait for me to tele back and regardless of anything i still came back and if he yelled i just would of been there faster. so no prevent people to yell about fps/dice does not prevent scams not even 1%. it would be allowed if most people didn't gamble, all you would see is fp advertisements and anyone that would actually try to sell something would just go away (the text) A official gambling clan would be nice cause that would mean all the gamblers in 1 chat and therefor no one would need to yell, seen it on other servers.
  9. Is staking a form of gambling?

    It's actually not because of scamming, I read the rules and it said " While we offer this feature, we do not want it to be our primary source for everyone to want to go to rather than use skilling, merchanting, etc "
  10. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Wtf did I just read? that makes no sense at all, like literally 0%. scamming has nothing to do with gambling, yes you can use gambling as a method to use your scam but scamming is something else scamming|gambling 2 different things btw how will it help say me from getting scammed? someone yells "fping 500m" I go oh I wanna do that I go to gamble fp him get scammed done i Tele to gamble and see him typing I fp him get scammed done my point is people that want to gamble will eventually Tele to gamble and see people advertise. not sure why you aren't allowed in yell considering, it makes no sense. if anything it makes gambling less fun, if there is no one there but 200+ ppl are on me yelling could bring someone to vs me. i really don't know why, you saying that just because it's more safe we are allowed to yell stakes yet not fps and all that. gambling is literally like selling an item, most people wanna do it asap and if no one is at gambling they wanna advertise but can't cause of some stupid rule. You you can make gambling 100% safe 1. Staff mm < this is 99% 2. Add a system that 99% of servers already have not sure why .2 hasn't been added yet sometimes I honestly feel like it's a money sink, because the amount of people that get banned with stuff
  11. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Gambling = play games of chance for money; bet staking = 2 people bet a certain amount and one person will win winning money when there is a 50/50 chance is gambling the game doesn't matter, if it's a 50/50 chance and people are betting on any type of game then it's gambling
  12. Eminem RIPS Donald Trump in Bet Awards!

    I really don't know why he did that, I thought everyone stopped talking shit.
  13. Same reason people love pokemon
  14. that keyboard is fucking lit!!! anyone else find it strange for 48 redbulls :D. great giveaway gl all.
  15. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    Conor made 150m-235m some thing around that floyd made 300m+