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  1. Same reason people love pokemon
  2. that keyboard is fucking lit!!! anyone else find it strange for 48 redbulls :D. great giveaway gl all.
  3. Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

    Conor made 150m-235m some thing around that floyd made 300m+
  4. Newspaper Interview Questions

    Favourite music type/artist? Have you ever broken something over a rsps? (If yes then please tell me what) Those questions for both
  5. El Clasico

    5-1 agg rip. #NEYMARcarriedEM
  6. Elkoy Updates [10/08/2017]

    nice update.
  7. Recording Topic - NOT PROMOTING

    you can always get a cracked version of a top quality recording software
  8. Computer Programmer

    you don't need lessons but you need to learn off something like a book courses or anything that gives you knowledge, you can just jump into it, you will end up like those kids that ask for help consistently and only hire people to do hard stuff. btw when i said "on your own" i mean like no experience and then coding something and start learning from that.
  9. you guys said you spent most of your time coding hd client and first person mode yet it's not out yet? This should be main focus since it would be something big

    1. Harry


      Other tasks take higher priority.

  10. Computer Programmer

    if you download a source online for an rsps you can't code with with out knowledge, I've tried its impossible to know what means what and what does what, you can never become a good programmer with out reading books/courses. if you already learnt a decent amount and know what you are doing then yes programming stuff will help you grow your skills
  11. Computer Programmer

    you can not learn on your own. i tried its basically impossible, its hard enough to learn java as your first language let alone not learning it and just going with the flow, people that make rsps's and dont know how to code usually ask for help a lot or hire someone
  12. that means comment your ingame name from elkoy
  13. you have to comment on his video not on this thread otherwise you wont be entered. I hope i win this one, i have literally entered so many
  14. Farewell Elkoy :( [My apology]

    He got banned for advertising something false?
  15. Agility pet on first logwalk

    Very lucky, congrats .