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  1. Ella Linnea

    Welcome to Elkoy, Hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Heya!

    Welcome to the community, Enjoy your stay
  3. Hello

    Welcome, Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Skilling & Moneymaking

    Yes they would sell for more cooked but also sell fairly decent with the raw material if you're just looking for fast cash, Would recommend cooking if you're looking to make more in the long run.
  5. Skilling & Moneymaking

    Karambwans sell for a lot more cooked but you can sell rocktails & dark crab raw for a decent price.
  6. Skilling & Moneymaking

    Fishing can be very good money, Karambwans especially & also wilderness fishing rocktails and dark crabs. Agility via gnome course will give you agility tickets which can be sold for around 400K each. Herblore with making overloads (Extreme Set & Clean Torstol). Those are just a few to get you started, you'll become more aware of what generates good money as you progress though .
  7. The "GOLDEN" introduction - Guld

    Welcome guy, Hope you enjoy your stay here
  8. The event will begin at around 2:30PM Server Time (1 Hour From This Post) Level 3 Event: In this event players will create a new account and battle to the death with their fresh from the shop bronze knives, Who will have the best RNG? Sign up and find out! Rules: Players MUST create a new account to participate with the name Woe, Example (Woe Yogi). Upon creating your account, Players MUST lock their experience. Use of Rocktails/Saradomin Brews before the fight is NOT allowed. Eating food is NOT allowed. You are required to use nothing more than the gear provided in the below screenshot. IF PLAYERS ARE CAUGHT BREAKING ANY OF THESE RULES OR GAINING EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL BE TELEPORTED HOME WITHOUT WARNING. Prizes: 1x $50 Scroll 3x $10 Scrolls 2x $10 Scrolls
  9. Elkoy Index

    Elkoy Elkoy Official Rules ::thread 13 Elkoy Official Staff Team ::thread 17 You must be logged into the Forums to access this board. When reporting be sure to have full client screen shot or video. We do not refund players who have been hacked or scammed. Report a Player https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/71-report-abuse/ Where is my report I can’t find it? https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/90-archive-reports/ Report a Staff Member https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/73-report-staff/ Report a Bug or Glitch https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/72-report-bugglitches/ Where is my report I can’t find it? https://forum.elkoy.org/forum/93-archive-bugsglitches/ When submitting a ticket https://elkoy.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new use format. ::thread 1420 Ticket Support ::thread 5506 Client Issues ::thread 11226 Request Donator Status ::thread 509 Donator Benefits ::thread 918 Custom Donation List ::thread 3212 Guidelines and Rules for Server Support ::thread 3780 Elkoy Official Staff History ::thread 5201 Graphics Designer ::thread 7756 YouTuber ::thread 1235 Elkoy Official Price Guide ::thread 15171 Achievement Guide ::thread 6074 Quest Guide ::thread 3326 Boss Guide ::thread 14693 Wilderness Key Locations ::thread 11318 Star Locations ::thread 908 Penguin Locations ::thread 1134 Evil Tree Locations ::thread 997
  10. Uncontested Vouches

    Closed for advertising.
  11. Completionist

    Finally after a long road we made it. Thanks to everyone who motivated me through it and loaned me gear in order to do PvM related tasks.
  12. My Farewell

    Good luck on your adventures in life mate, Hope to see you kicking around discord and possibly in-game in the future.
  13. Flower Poker Sign Up Thread

    Sign up for today's Flower Poker event (11/08/2017) with your in-game name below. Event will start at approximately 2PM server time (3 Hours from this thread) Please note, If your name is called by one of the person(s) helping host the tournament, You will be automatically disqualified. Make sure you have a viable amount of seeds, 100 should be enough. Prizes: 1st - 2x $50 Scrolls. 2nd - 5x $10 Scrolls. 3rd - 3x $10 Scrolls. Good luck & Have fun everyone, - The Events Team.
  14. greetings

    ?? Welcome to the forums, Hope you enjoy your stay