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  1. Earning your own money gives you entitlement to spend it however you see fit, It doesn't have to be something for the long run. Once you've paid all your bills and such and you have money left over then spending it on a private server if that's what you want to do is justifiable, As Supreme said it's entertainment purposes and if that's what you enjoy then by all means.
  2. Now here's a life problem..

    No idea, it's just an automatic reaction for me to do so and always has been
  3. Master Yogi at it's finest. :ninja:

  4. Interviewing Mamba and False Hopes

    @Mamba How are you enjoying the golden crown and do you feel like it was a big step from global? Are you finding it hard to manage events, email support etc all at once? @False Hopes How does it feel to be the master of memes? What is your thought process when beefing the Staff members?
  5. Anyone else have the urge or unknowingly do so.. When you're eating ice cream, you blow on it like it's hot. This is a real problem, I need it fixed.
  6. What is Love?
    Baby don't hurt me,
    Don't hurt me, No more.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Supreme



    3. Yogi


      -_- Thass right.

    4. James


      i will ban u both right now if u dont stop this..

  7. 500M slay :D

    Congrats man really nice achievement.
  8. Interviewing Rooner and Iron Fr00b

    To Rooner: How are you adapting to the moderator position & Did you have trouble starting out? Would you like to see yourself progress through the ranks? To Fr00b: Are you enjoying your position as SS? If you could change one thing about the server, what would it be and why?
  9. hi

    I recently turned 46 so never think you're too old for games. Welcome to Elkoy.
  10. Introduction

    Welcome to Elkoy, Hope you enjoy your stay
  11. 10 Hp Infernal Cape

    Impressive, Good job man
  12. Guess my height

    I'm guessing you're like
  13. Nice 1v6 clutch WW2

    Jesus, is there no dead silence in this game? Can hear people across the map with their big elephant feet
  14. Last Post Wins

    Topic going so fast no one will notice I posted.
  15. it me

    Welcome to Elkoy man, Enjoy your stay.

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