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  1. Welcome back man, Enjoy your stay
  2. Yogi

    Prototype of YOGI's Signature

    Pretty cool concept @Reliable Thanks for the effort chief.
  3. Yogi

    High noon :)

    Welcome to Elkoy, enjoy your stay
  4. Yogurt is back 

    1. Yogi



    2. Skylar


      Better than ever?

    3. Yogi


      You know it

  5. Yogi

    Dangerous Duo's - sign ups

    Yogi & Rise Against
  6. Yogi

    Slither Squad Pt1 | Glory Dayz are Over

    Was wondering when the propaganda would be posted, Very interesting.
  7. Yogi

    buying gf

    Uhm.. What?
  8. Yogi

    Thank you!

    Best of luck Cler, Hopefully you stick around to keep in touch friend.
  9. Yogi

    The reign of Weednabis

    Welcome to Elkoy, Enjoy your stay
  10. Yogi

    What is your dream car ?

    BMW i8 Coupé for sure.
  11. Yogi

    hello my name is jerry

    Welcome to Elkoy, Enjoy your stay.
  12. Yogi


    Welcome to Elkoy, enjoy your stay.
  13. Yogi

    Helpful YouTube videos.

    Nice guide, Very detailed, Well done.
  14. Yogi


    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay.
  15. Earning your own money gives you entitlement to spend it however you see fit, It doesn't have to be something for the long run. Once you've paid all your bills and such and you have money left over then spending it on a private server if that's what you want to do is justifiable, As Supreme said it's entertainment purposes and if that's what you enjoy then by all means.

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