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  1. Last Post Wins

    Topic going so fast no one will notice I posted.
  2. it me

    Welcome to Elkoy man, Enjoy your stay.
  3. Hey everyone!

    Welcome @Jaycee, Hope you enjoy your stay
  4. most embarrasing moment on Elkoy!

    Taking over the Elkoy train at market and walking towards Edgeville, pathing through the side of the bridge where it was multi varrock, Some people decided to split off and pull half the train into multi whom died and quit. Was Moderator at the time which made it all the worse, I abused the trust of the community .
  5. The Elkoy Chronicles VIII

    . With Halloween just creepin' around the corner, in Mamba's words, he has decided that now is a perfect time to host a Karaoke Event! The winner will receive 2 $50 scrolls and a partyhat! The event ends on Saturday, October 28th, leaving you with 5 days left to enter! You can read more about the event here. After 30 days and over 3600 entries the winners for the huge Elkoy Giveaway have been chosen! Congratulations to all of the winners! You can click anyone on this sentence to view the winners. @Ironlight has resigned from Server Support. @Pkerown has resigned from Server Support. @Select pk has been promoted to Server Support. @Cal has been promoted to Senior Moderator. @Craig has been promoted to Global Moderator. @Rooner has been promoted to Server Support. @Agb has been promoted to Server Support. @Dephas been promoted to Server Moderator. @Yunai has been promoted to Server Moderator. I R N G has been demoted from Server Moderator. You can read about our lastest staff updates here: 10/12/17 10/23/17 Since our last edition of the paper our Developers have been hard at work tweaking Soul Wars in order to get it up and running in a stable state, Along with we've recieved some nice updates in the forms of the new Wilderness Resource Area, New teleport interfaces, Some great chat filter options and many more! You can read about our latest updates here: 17/10/2017 22/10/2017 The Discord Spotlight is dedicated to discord users who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. The player shining in the spotlight this time around is @iron fr00b. He has been extremely active and keeping the discord conversations lively! The Player Spotlight is dedicated to players who have been active, helpful and/or just standing out above everyone else. This weeks player spotlight goes to @Rooner! He has been very helpful in-game over the last week and this does not go unnoticed. Keep it up! @Mario @Cal The riddle from the last newspaper has yet to be answered. Here's another shot at it! Fishing and mining, what terrible jobs and an NPC that makes you fight mobs Gems from Stone, amulets of Glory I really do hope you remember this story. This concludes the eighth edition of the Elkoy Chronicles! Please leave any feedback you may have as it will only help us improve. We strive to do nothing but improve the Elkoy Chronicles and we will keep modifying it here and there based on your suggestions and input.More information on who is apart of the team or how to join can be found here: Elkoy Newspaper Info Thanks, The Newspaper Team
  6. Elkoy Updates [22/10/2017]

    Great updates as usual guys, Well done
  7. Interviewing: Mario and Cal

    @Mario Who was the mastermind behind the 'goodfriend, haha' chatter? Are you enjoying Moderator again now that you've come back? @Cal Do you feel more comfortable now that you've been in the position a while? @Both What do you feel you could improve on the most?
  8. Post on the thread or hmu in-game, IGN same as forums.
  9. hello i am sam puckett

    Welcome to the community. iCarly was a pretty decent show, Feel free to call my Freddy if you catch my drift Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Rachael Here :)

    ? Welcome to the community Rachael, Hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. how the fuck

    Practice, it works on a rotation, Pay attention to the next when you know which attack the current one is going to hit with and keep your eye on the rotation as you're tagging healers.
  12. Fill in the last sentence!

    Exciting in public
  13. Rate profile picture

    3/10, Image is upside down Kappa.
  14. Newspaper Interview Questions

    For Both: What keeps you both so motivated to be great staff members? If you were to be demoted for something, What would it be? For Craig: What made you become active and eventually take the SS position? Why do you protect your pot of gold with your life? For Haze: How often do you smoke said WhiteHaze? Haha 420
  15. Elkoy Updates [30/09/2017]

    Incredible updates, Props to the development team for working on all of this