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    Think I have the answer...
  2. Barrows Brawl

    ign Century
  3. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Someone made a suggestion about it a few weeks ago, complaining about Phoenix sets in wild.
  4. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Great work devs! Loving this update! Thank you for listening to the slayer task feedback!
  5. Flower Poker Event - Sign Ups

    ign Century
  6. Abundance of Worthless Items

    Maybe, maybe not. Idk if I would say that Elkoy is a gambling dominated server. Gambling is definitely more active than PKing, but PvMing takes all imo. But after all, Elkoy is a business and the owners have to make money off of the server to pay the bills.
  7. Abundance of Worthless Items

    I agree with you 100%. I made a suggestion about pking incentives which you can find here: Feel free to read over it and add your two cents.
  8. Abundance of Worthless Items

    Neither of these bosses are hard and can be done with welfare items, be it mystic boots for Glacors or climbing boots for Cerb. So if someone really wanted to camp either of these bosses, they would be able to do so with welfare gear. It would take longer to kill, but it would not be impossible to get the kill with welfare gear. In terms of Dharok's, I get what you're saying but that's server design. Better to give new players easier access to decent gear so that they will stay around and play longer, than making it harder to get barrows items, thus they'll leave for a different server. After all, this is a Private Server, people play because they don't want to grind for stats/items as they would do in OSRS.
  9. Abundance of Worthless Items

    Not imo. Glaivs don't drive down the price of Pegasains since the stats on Pegasians are considerably better than those of Glaivs. Pegasians might drive down the price of Glaivs, because they're the best in slot, but the point of Glaivs is to offer a really good pair of range boots for not a lot of money. Yes, both items have dropped in price a lot over the summer, but that's because of other factors, and not because there are 2 different pairs of range based boots. But what is driving down the prices of these boots (and items in general) is that there are multiple ways of bringing these items in-game. You don't have to camp Cerberus and Glacors for long periods of time to get these items, as you can get them from Mystery/Super Mystery boxes and glaivs also can come from vote books.
  10. Abundance of Worthless Items

    Pegasians and Glaiviens both have different stats. Pegs are better than Glaivs. So none of them are worthless. Pegs are top tier and Glaivs are mid tier. Same with eternals, rages, prims, steads, etc. Tent, vine, and reg whip have different stats and special abilities, which is why they all have different prices. Tent whip can poison, something vine and reg whip can't. The spec can also disable divine special ability. Vine whip has a spec that disables the divine special ability. Reg whip is, well, the reg whip that we all know and love. Third-Age is so cheap because it is very easily obtainable, not because of different versions of different items. Due to getting third-age pieces from wildy keys, votes, mystery boxes and super mystery boxes, all these different streams of bringing these items into the game have caused 3a items to crash in price. Edit: If you have any questions on which items are better than others, feel free to PM me and I can help you out.
  11. Community Awards

    Nice work! I like the sound of this. Does every winner of each category get rights to use that gfx in their signature?
  12. Clash Of The Godswords

    ign: Foggy
  13. Patience Pays Off

    A bit of a preface: Back in May, I grinded out a ~750 Zulrah kc in a 5-6 day time span. Due to doing so many kills in such a short time period + not getting a rare drop since 385 kc, I was more or less burnt out and have only done ~100 kc since May. My last rare drop was at 385 kc: Due to the egging on from @Verxi, I decided to head back to Zulrah for what I figured would be another dry trip (471 kc dry/562 kc dry for rare tradable drop) and then this happened: Alsoooo - @Verxi let me know when you de-iron so I can give you this magic fang
  14. Skilling & Moneymaking

    Rocktails sell for around 30k-40k ea cooked. Not sure what dark crabs sell for, but it won't be more than Karambwans. Cooked Karambwans sell for 150k-300k ea (depends on pos supply).