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  1. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Keep it up lads.
  2. Hello Elkoy!

    Welcome to Elkoy mate.
  3. Congrats on getting promoted, noob.

    Well deserved.

  4. Last Post Wins

    >.> This game...
  5. regards

    Welcome to Elkoy.
  6. Youtube Profile Picture Request

    This kinda looks like the background image of Alex's (Shieldsvids) youtube channel.
  7. Introduction {Tube}

    Welcome @Tube to Elkoy.
  8. Life problems

    Mind telling us what kind of problems do you have? We can give you some suggestions in order to improve your situation.
  9. I realize that some people don't like me. I also realize that I highly don't give a fuck.

    1. Kidnape/GFX


      I like you man <3

  10. Introduction

    Welcome @James to Elkoy.
  11. Continue the story

    a fucking waterfall and he
  12. What the heck? 3 minutes & 15 seconds?! Nice!
  13. It's Finally Over...

    After 60 kills? Lmao. Congratulations on getting the inferno pet!
  14. Elkoy Updates [2/11/2017]

    Splendid updates as usual. Keep it up guys!
  15. November Voting Event!

    Let's bring Elkoy to #1 on Runelocus's toplist. Best of luck to all.