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  1. Official return after a year.

    Welcome back mate!
  2. Chicken noodle soup.

    1. Azeem


      Oo.. welcome back bro.

  3. I don't get it, why are you such a huge fan of Donald Trump? He's a bitch.



    1. Hint


      who said I am , just using him as profile picture and signature . 

      not fan of him :P . don't even care of politics so L0L


  4. Finally... I am in this spot

    Thinking to rep @Attra 3x times...
  5. Hint's Gfx Shop !

    Know him for a long time; I can vouch for him. Good luck.
  6. School Problem - WELPPPP

    Delete Elkoy cache! Or rwt & get macbanned??
  7. New Year New Start?

    People who were caught advertising shouldn't be unbanned tbh. Unbanning the rest of them would actually increase the playerbase but it may lead to some sort of drama into the community.
  8. Brace yourselves, Patatbakker is here.

    Welcome to Elkoy @Patatbakker.
  9. Bonds

    I've observed that the older you get, the farther you get away from your father and nearer to your mother. (For boys) But it actually depends on how you are with your children.
  10. We don't give a fuck.

    1. X Dark Z
    2. Hint


      I have done an accident 

  11. Does God exist?

    First of all, my parents never sent me to a religious institute & I'm not even religious (I don't even pray & use drugs which isn't allowed in religion); I was just giving a true example above. Now coming back to the main topic..... I believe in God because it's impossible for such a stupendous and disciplined universe could come into existence without a creator. If you look deeply into the universe, you will find there a definite cohesion & discipline. Nowhere you will find any confusion: The sun is travelling along its axis and the moon in its own axis. The sun never enters into the axis of the moon and the moon never leaps towards the sun. Similarly the night remains for a particular period and the day upto a particular time. In every particle of the universe you will find a peculiar precision and special discipline. The discipline and cohesion of the universe is the obvious proof of the existence of such a Great and Super Being Who created all the beautiful discipline in the universe. (Sorry for answering late as I'm busy with college nowadays)
  12. Does God exist?

    Giving y'all an example. Is yogurt present in milk? No, but yogurt can be made when someone does all of these: Googled* In the same way, the universe didn't come by itself; there is actually someone who made everything. Just think...
  13. Hi Elkoy!

    Welcome to Elkoy mate!
  14. Elkoy Updates [17/11/2017]

    Keep it up lads.

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