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  1. Dharok PK Event - signups

    ign raris
  2. Updated Wilderness NPC Guide

    You're missing spiders above grizzly bears @20 wild however great guide
  3. 2V2 Free To Play Event - Signups

    ign atl and raris
  4. Flower Poker Event - Sign Up !

    ign raris
  5. Last Post Wins

    i obv won
  6. Obsidian Domination - Sign ups [04/11/2017]

    ign raris
  7. Level 3 Event Sign-ups [11/3/17]

    ign woe feetish
  8. Looking for testers! Apply here!

    What's your ingame name? Raris How long have you been playing Elkoy? Since the release How old are you? 21 What is your current timezone? gmt +0 How much experience do you have with beta testing? Beta tested for couple of my friends before they released their servers. Have you reported any bugs that you have found? (Yes or no). Found 2 QBD bugs and falador partyroom.
  9. Staking Event Sign Up Thread

    ign raris
  10. The Elkoy Chronicles VIII

    The riddle is the heroe's guild quest. You talk to achietties.
  11. Welfare Tournament Sign Ups

    ign raris
  12. The Elkoy Chronicles VIII

    riddle is achietties
  13. 2V2 Clash Of The Godswords [sign ups]

    ign raris and rambo fett
  14. 2V2 Dharok's [sign ups]

    ign raris and rambo fett