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  1. grom hosting cc

    -These Prices are never final - Prices will change in the future due to economy change- *this thread is only to display rank names, prices and clan information only!* ---Updated : 28/05/17--- -I'm aware that people might flame this post, i ask that you PM ME any concerns in game opposed to commenting- | Rank Prices Bet Caps | Recruit : 3000M 1000M Corporal : 6000M 2000M Sergeant : 9000M 3000M Lieutenant : 15B 7000M Captain : 20B 10B General : 30B 15B *Ranks are non-refundable, if a you get cleaned as a rank then it will be wiped until rebuild* -- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SCAMS THROUGH FLOWER POKER - THIS IS NOT A HOSTING GAME! MUST HAVE AT LEAST 4 DAYS PLAY TIME OR HAVE ALREADY DONATED $150 TO BUY A RANK -----ANY HIGHER POTS WILL BE MIDDLE MANNED ACCORDINGLY BY STAFF IF THE PERSON BETTING DOESN'T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH USING OUR GENERAL RANKS-----
  2. youtube livestream

    https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCJNG3KR1dFtQZE9axNrGRdg/live for gambling livestream chilling listening to music