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  1. Best pking CC on ELKOY ! -- #ELP

    Hmm sounds similar to another clan Can't wait to face you guys in the Multi and Singles scene and goodluck with the clan bro @Kidnape/GFX
  2. [FREE] Custom Avatar Shop

    @Sk1llz looks sick bro thanks!
  3. PVM Legends clan!

    @mdylan110, @Itsiko Welcome to the clan!
  4. [FREE] Custom Avatar Shop

    Text: Aj Worrior3 Subtext: PvM Legends Text/Subtext Color:Any Background Theme( Image or Color(s) ): Anime/Gaming style Image(s): goo.gl/A1YpgH Anything else?:
  5. PVM Legends clan!

  6. PVM Legends clan!

    @Pk is life @Rank 1 slay It seems that you guys do not meet the requirements of Combat Level 138 with needed levels in prayer and summoning to 99. Once you guys get that, which would hopefully be this weekend, you will be good to go! PM me in game if you need any help.
  7. FINALLY after 100 kills, got my first drygore drop, AND IT WAS DOUBLE + RAPIER @ 56 kc, Ice Demon Pet https://gyazo.com/f4914dcf02b4bd810ab49ffa8ba64e0d @ 100kc, DOUBLE Drygore Rapier
  8. Ice Demon Guide!

    Nice ice demon pet, oh wait it's mine Good guide though
  9. LVJ Vouch Thread

    I trust this guy with my b0nk +1
  10. Rank 1 Ironman Stats?

    Yes, show me your bank bcs I know the bank worth is more than mine
  11. Elkoy Updates [07/10/2017]

    Nice update! Very keen to see how SW turns out
  12. The mouse :D

    Welcome to the community bud! And a massive congrats on your daughter, bet you're a great father to her too!
  13. Fastest heron on elkoy?

    Nice luck! Considering it's a 1/5000 drop and you were fishing shrimps
  14. Ice Demon Pet at 56kc

    Thanks fellas
  15. Ice Demon Pet at 56kc

    Been on the drygore grind for too long right now, then right when I thought I got one.. https://gyazo.com/f4914dcf02b4bd810ab49ffa8ba64e0d How many people have the pet?? Haha thanks