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  1. The Elkoy Chronicles VII

    Thanks for posting. Was worth the read.
  2. Reaction of people when they get cleaned

    Lmao i love jim carrey.
  3. New here

    Welcome to the server. hope you enjoy the game
  4. Farewell.

    sad to see you quit. Din't expect that. You just got bored of the game? why not play instead of hanging around the gamble area. Well glad to meet you anyway, can always send me a message on discord if you like.
  5. Elkoy Updates [07/10/2017]

    great updates. Looking forward to it
  6. Religion

    Fuck religion. It's bullshit
  7. Fastest heron on elkoy?

    Yep Rigged.
  8. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    First of all gun control would not help anything in this particular case. Apparently he obtain all his firearm legally, he's had gone thru federal background checks. There is no evidence of significant mental illness to this point. All this seems like people shouting do something?! Well they have no particular solutions and no expertise on guns or gun control. A suggestions that gun control is going to be an end to incidents like this , that is an evidence-less propitiation based on nothing but emotional responds. Second there is no evidence that this was an act of radical Islam. That's why the government stated this was an act of mass murder and not terrorism. The word " terrorism " means; " the unlawful use of violence and intimations, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of religion or political aims". So yes , radical Islam has everything to do with religion.
  9. Pay To Lose - Introduction

    Welcome to Elkoy man
  10. How To Make BANK Using The Player Owned Shops!

    Their goes my money making method Smh. Just kidding, great video. Well explained
  11. Shottys in the house

    Welcome to elkoy, have fun scaping
  12. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    Look i'm not going to deny that the US government held things back from the American people and that they are accountable for numerous things. And that's a fact. If you're right about these conspiracy theory's and their is direct evidence. I completely agree with you and you have my support. But without evidence or facts it's goes against my moral believes. Trump I can't care less off. For us as an European, we watch " grabs popcorn" and enjoy the show.
  13. Terrorism V Not terrorism

    I'm not from the states, I live in the Netherlands. So therefor my grammar on English in'st that great. Conspiracy theories aren't facts or evidence because this can't held accountable in court. Your argument is invalided. There is no direct evidence if the person has any political or religious believes behind the La massacre shooting. So we can't determine if this was an act of terrorism. Your point is invalided again sir. Donald trump political campaign was uncertain and unstable. What did u expect? Free healthcare in a month? Like i said again, share your evidence and facts and not conspiracy theories

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