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  1. Rhett IRL?!

    Dude thats awesome, congratulations to both you nerds!
  2. Last works

    Thanks for the in depth feedback nerd, and yup, lightning and me do not go along together! I'll make sure to use those tips from now on.
  3. What car do I buy?

    Damn, that is a nice price range to work with for a first car! Depends on what you want and need, long distance, short distance, SUVs or sedan/coupe, give us more info nerd. My preference is the almighty Benz, been a family tradition for a long time, they don't spend a lot of fuel too so you don't waste too much money on gas.
  4. NARUTO - GFX - NEW style ?

    Imo, the eyes would be better without the red, don't know if thats part of the render or was added after. Other than that, the rain and the blur look awesome, you should add more stuff to this work!
  5. Whats up

    Welcome to the server Florida boy!
  6. Last works

    Been practising a bit more, wanted to share my last ones, any feedback will be much appreciated nerds.
  7. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    *Soon* Damn, that's a nice batch of fixes, great work as always nerds!
  8. Waiting For The Inferno Like...

  9. The Elkoy Chronicles V

    Damn, can't wait for Inferno, can't wait for the full on rage quits.
  10. Does God exist?

    I don't believe he exists, tho I respect anyone that does, to each their own. I think people that believe in God do it because they fear of the afterlife, so they base their morals on what God says its right and if they do good they'll earn a place in heaven, knowing that once they die, they'll continue someplace else. I get that faith plays a major part here, but just because I have faith that Batman is real doesn't mean he is, there isn't any actual proof. Yo, link me.
  11. The Showcase

    Dude, that Kaneki sig looks so god damn clean. 10/10 Awesome works.
  12. Transcendent

    Elkoy, what else? Welcome to the server, nerd!
  13. Iun is here

    Thats it, I'm creating an ironman. Welcome to the server @Iun!
  14. New signature

    Very well done, you chose the 2 pics perfectly and they blended together pretty nicely. The colored borders give that little touch of finess that brings the sig alltogether. I really like this, good job.
  15. hurricane's Irma and others

    My advice would be to grab your pc + router and play Elkoy in your closest bunker. Seriously tho, I feel horrible for anyone that has to deal with something like a hurricane and can't imagine myself in a situation like that. Stay safe you american nerds!