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  1. Ocean Meme

    Brace yourselves, Patatbakker is here.

    Welcome to the forums canteen
  2. Ocean Meme

    Last Post Wins

    Checking in on page 74.
  3. to know if I'm rusty or not. Haven't touched GFX in a while so I was hoping for some feedback bois. Thanks!
  4. Ocean Meme

    Last Post Wins

    Ayyy this still goin?
  5. Ocean Meme


    Well then welcome to the forums army boi!
  6. Ocean Meme

    Last Post Wins

    Yo we should get sponsors on here.
  7. Ocean Meme

    Last Post Wins

    I'd like to buy a residence in this thread, please.
  8. Ocean Meme

    Does God exist?

    Good point. But in my opinion, everything does come from something, everything started at 0, somewhere and at some point. I remember being younger and learning about Creationism and the theory of Evolution, and Evolution just made sense, while having all these religions and playing "Which God is real?" for who knows how long just resulted in war and chaos. Both view points can be criticised, but God's side has just way too many flaws. I try to draw a conclusion from the facts that science has given us, religious people try to draw facts from a conclusion given to them.
  9. Ocean Meme

    1 week in.

    Oh suh' dude. Welcome to the forums! Suh' you in-game.
  10. Ocean Meme

    Last Post Wins

    What happened to this thread? Flying sausage tree.
  11. Ocean Meme

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    Damn, you watch alot of stuff. I'm watching Narcos and Stranger Things boi! And yeah, Breaking Bad was fokin awesome dude.
  12. Ocean Meme

    Rhett IRL?!

    Dude thats awesome, congratulations to both you nerds!
  13. Ocean Meme

    Last works

    Thanks for the in depth feedback nerd, and yup, lightning and me do not go along together! I'll make sure to use those tips from now on.
  14. Ocean Meme

    What car do I buy?

    Damn, that is a nice price range to work with for a first car! Depends on what you want and need, long distance, short distance, SUVs or sedan/coupe, give us more info nerd. My preference is the almighty Benz, been a family tradition for a long time, they don't spend a lot of fuel too so you don't waste too much money on gas.
  15. Ocean Meme

    NARUTO - GFX - NEW style ?

    Imo, the eyes would be better without the red, don't know if thats part of the render or was added after. Other than that, the rain and the blur look awesome, you should add more stuff to this work!

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