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  1. my Lord in the East..

    1. Mamba


      Will the realms ever cross path is my question

  2. Sign ups will be open next week!
  3. Mamba

    Glory Dayz PT7 - Exodus Fading

    ur tbing in multi btw
  4. Mamba

    Raids development log

    Like I said, we haven't gone over it but probably as it's one of the osrs drops
  5. Mamba

    Raids development log

    We haven't gone over the drop table or if we're gonna add some of our own items to the 'common' drop table, however you can expect it to be the same exact drop table from osrs
  6. Hello, As summer nears by, the Elkoy administration got together and brainstormed a couple of ideas. One idea that everybody agreed upon was the Elkoy Clan Cup. This would go by seasons and each season will be better than the last - The first season will be PKing. Keep in mind this is solely the introduction thread which will only go over: How will it work? The goals Rewards The rules, regulations, and sign-ups will be posted a week before the start of the event which will be around mid June. This will give new users time to train up and gather supplies, form teams, etc. We are open to any and all suggestions - Feel free to contact me on forums/Discord How will it work? The event will revolve around PKing and nothing else. We will be creating a whole new system on our site that will showcase and broadcast live kills from each signed up team and members. We will develop a point system and hotzones. The spots are not finalized but some of the hot spots will be mage bank, rev caves, west and east dragons. Kills in these proposed spots will be worth more points than a kill in edgeville. Keep in mind getting kills on players not signed up will not grant your team any points. The time frame for the event has not been decided but we are looking to make this event last 3-4 weeks. The max amount of members per team is 15! We are still in the process of working everything out, however this is the concept we are going for. Like I previously said if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me! Goals We hope to create a seasonal event that players gather friends to be apart of. Hope to branch out our community to try out new things such as PKing, making teams, enjoying their time on Elkoy, etc. We believe this will be a big step in the right direction of what we want our community to be. We have many more ideas on what we can do for future clan cups but you will have to wait for that! Rewards We are still working out some of the rewards but the confirmed rewards are as follow: $600 cash money 50b Elkoy money A new cosmetic item which will be exclusive to the clan cup winners A new cosmetic item which will show your participation in the clan cup The cosmetic items will be untradeable. Please share this thread with your friends throughout the RSPS community, we want this to be the biggest event Elkoy has ever held. Start preparing your teams, notify other teams, gather supplies, etc. We will have sign ups posted sometime in 2-3 weeks and the event will start the week after! If you have any questions or concerns - Reply to the thread or contact me on Discord. Kind regards, Elkoy Administration
  7. Mamba

    I'm Back :)

  8. Mamba

    Elkoy Updates [24/04/2018]

    Solid updates, thanks
  9. Mamba

    The Glory Dayz PT5 - Domination

    We never posted keyer pics or take pics for that matter unless it's a +1 Cool thread @GloryBoyz
  10. Mamba

    700 players online

    Exciting day
  11. Mamba


    Seen you around, welcome
  12. Mamba

    Spanky's Back!

    Hi, welcome
  13. Mamba

    Im sorry.

    glad to have you back

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