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  1. Hello Elkoy!

    Hi, welcome
  2. ::n:

    1. Mamba


      Elkoy - Where our shit don't suck

    2. Haris



    3. Mamba
  3. hey mamba,

    just a quick question, when will the kareoke winners be announced? i made a fool out of myself by putting myself on the internet, please dont tell me it was all for nothing(:

    1. Pkerown


      Scroll down to the bottom @detecks and it would tell you the winners on it

  4. Hello, We're going to be doing ANOTHER vote event for November! We're working super hard on keeping Elkoy as one of the top servers and voting is so frustratingly important for us to achieve this that I beg everyone to always make sure you get all your votes in daily regardless of if you need the votes! We're going to try and strive to reach #1 this month. This month, find ANY of the items shown in the picture below and you will win! This month we will have 10 winners! The first 10 to get one of the items above during November will receive a super & regular mystery box each! Even if you don't want to win please help Elkoy out anyway and vote vote vote! The more votes we get the higher we are on the top-lists and the more players that will visit Elkoy and the bigger we can grow this awesome server. If you're lucky enough to win please post a picture of it happening on this thread and an administrator will check out the legitimacy of the picture and reward you. ALSO We're also going to be giving out prizes to a random 10 players who have claimed auths this month, so to enter for this all you have to do is vote on the sites and claim the auths with the command and you'll be in for a chance to win some awesome prizes on top of the ones above I appreciate everyone and all the support you guys show time and time again, best of luck to everyone! Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Vote here! https://elkoy.org/vote Thanks everyone and goodluck! Elkoy Administration
  5. Mamba, check my topic.. i play this for 2 years without counting ikov, i love this game and im banned unfair... ive spoke to harry but hes busy .. thank's 

  6. Hey Elkoy

    welcome back
  7. Karaoke Event

    Hello, loved the replies so far. However this is such a low amount of entries, way less than what was expected, so we have a couple options on what we can do.. 1) Go ahead with these replies and find a winner. 2) Extend the deadline by 1 week and start advertising more. 3) Cancel the event and use the rewards for a bigger forum event.
  8. Turnt's up application

    haha lol !!
  9. 2V2 Clash Of The Godswords [sign ups]

    add me to the fricken bracket!!!!! fergus and i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Karaoke Event

    copy paste the link and post it in the thread
  11. Sup Elkoy!

    you're not welcomed here.
  12. Mamba, u viewed my appeal for 15min, then left? WHats going on pal? can i get an update?

    1. Scenery


      ^ ? Dude its the weekend! No operations shall be conducted off bsns days dont let this heckler shuckle you for your sheckles 

    2. storm


      lmfao this dude got his stopwatch and timed ur ass mambo

  13. Karaoke Event

    To address some of the questions I've been getting, it does NOT need to be a Halloween song however you will get bonus points if you do. The prizes: First place: 2 $50 scrolls and a party hat Second place: a party hat Third place: 3 $10 scrolls
  14. Karaoke Event

    Hello, After many requests, I figured this would be the best possible time to run a karaoke event! With Halloween just creepin' around the the corner, let try to focus on Halloween themed songs - However any song you wish to do is completely fine and up to you! How this works: Record yourself singing a song Upload it to YouTube (preferably) Leave a reply following the format on this thread Top 5 songs will be chosen by the Staff Team Top 5 songs will be placed in a voting thread and 3 winners will be chosen by the community The format: I encourage you guys to have solo entries however if you want to work with someone or multiple people, that is perfectly fine - However the prizes will have to be split. You will also be able to get some 'bonus points' when the staff team is reviewing your song, those bonus points are: Halloween themed song IRL video The prizes as of now is 2 $50 scrolls and a party hat. You have 10 days to enter. The event will end on Saturday 10/28. Enjoy and have fun, Elkoy Events Team
  15. Last Post Wins