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  1. First 500M Runecrafting!!^.^

    That's cool, congratulations.
  2. Username: Timezone: Is English your first language? If not- what is your level of English? Any past experiences? Do you have Skype? What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us? Is there something you would like to see added to the newspaper? Write a short paragraph about a topic of your liking, this does not have to be Elkoy related. PM @James @TheWhiteHazeor I the filled application.
  3. 2v2 Dharok's tournament 9/17/17

    me and lil fishypoo signin up (lolfish)
  4. 2v2 Dharok's tournament 9/17/17

    The event starts at 7:30 PM GMT / 8:30 PM for the English / 12:30 AM Server time (Around 1hour from posting) Hello everybody, Tonight we will be hosting a 2V2 Dharok's tournament. The tournament will take place in a private location. The event will be in a multi-combat area Failure to be online 5-10 minutes before the event starts when moderators are teleporting players will result in your name being skipped and disqualified from the tournament. To be entered all you have to do is comment your in-game username below. The idea of the 2V2 Dharok's event is that YOU sign up with a FRIEND, and take on other duo'sTOGETHER. Therefore we want either YOU OR YOUR PARTNER TO SIGN UP FOR THE BOTHOF YOU. Should you not be able to find a partner and still want to participate, then you're free to sign just yourself up. I will then match you together with others that lack a partner as well. Who can manage to emerge victorious together with their teammate? Rules Failure to abide by the following rules will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament You may teleport from the fight to prevent yourself from dying, however it will count as a death and your opponent will advance onto the next round. Prayer Renewals ARE NOT permitted Protection prayers ARE NOT permitted Soulsplit and Wrath ARE NOT permitted Summoning familiars ARE NOT permitted Ring's of Recoil ARE NOT permitted 2 Saradomin Brews is the MAXIMUM that can be used per fight. Any form of flame or trolling during the tournament will not be tolerated, you will simply be teleported home. Staff members have the right to move you home if you do not abide by the rules set in place, for example standing where you aren't supposed to. Dharok's Helm Dharok's Platebody Dharok's Platelegs Dharok's Greataxe TokHaar Kal > Fire Cape Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Strength Barrows Gloves > Combat Bracelet Steadfast Boots > Dragon Boots > Rune Boots For your special attack weapon you may choose between: Dragon Dagger (p++) / Dragon Mace / Dragon Longsword Prizes First place: $50 Scroll EACH Second place: 2x $10 Scrolls EACH Third place: 1x $10 Scroll EACH Best of luck to all of the participants
  5. I'M BACK

  6. 100 days playtime

    cool, gratz. bet you won't get 200 though
  7. Thank yu

    Stop impersonating m0lly, quite pathetic. Sign up under your real alias.
  8. Konnichiwa!

    hei queen-san! welcome to elkoychan if u need any help send me a messeji (message) ;3
  9. Hello, After working alongside Oaky, we have finally finished our events arena. This will help our team organize and run the PvP based events and tournaments more smoothly. You will be seeing more events being hosted in the arena from here on out. Players will be given an ::event command (toggleable) that will teleport you to a lobby of sort. Here you will find other players, alongside a bank and a portal. Once the portal is activated you can use it to be teleported to the battleground. Inside the arena we have a set of commands we can use: Safe Risk Single Multi Of course, the rules and settings will vary between each event. We have some events we've been planning for a while that now we are able to host, which will be sometime in the foreseeable future. As always if you have any suggestions for the arena or events, feel free to leave a reply! Here is some media: Thanks, The Elkoy Team
  10. Great Picture, i have no words.

  11. Introducing Jim Carroll

    welcome, enjoy your stay
  12. Mamba the damba.

    1. Mamba


      The original cumquat.

    2. Akinfenwa


      Also known as mamba the snake.


  13. The Elkoy Raffle

    Congratulations to @Gup for winning the first ever Elkoy raffle!