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  1. Zulrah giveaway! :)

  2. Mamba falling off a jet ski

    selling footage of harry struggling to get back on his jetski after spending 15 minutes trying to park it and tipping over. if you decide to purchase this footage ill throw in a video of him sending a bowling ball straight into the gutter - free of charge.
  3. How'd You Hear About Elkoy?

    harry told me n some others he was opening up a server
  4. Last Post Wins

  5. Hi everyone, lately we have been lacking on server supports. We do like the application system we have but it can be daunting for some, so that's why were creating this thread. If you're interested in Server Support this is the best way to let us know, this thread will be open for one week. This thread doesn't guarantee you will get the position it just shows us you're interested and we will keep an eye on you. We are specifically looking for PST NA and Australian timezones. If you do not meet those two timezones that's ok, we are are still recruiting for all timezones just these ones we are in more need. Format: Elkoy in-game name: Why do you want server support?: That's it. Simple format, however, we encourage you to still write as much as possible and be articulate. Fill it out and post it below. Please keep all posts on this thread strictly for the people who fill out the format and are interested. If you have any questions feel free to pm me or another admin. Kind Regards, Elkoy Administration
  6. .

  7. Elkoy Veteran Rank

    Hi, In celebration of our first birthday, we have decided to finally release the Veteran rank. Although some members of the community already have the privilege of having the rank set, this rank will be available to those who meet the requirements. Being an Elkoy veteran is much more than just a rank. It signifies those who have stuck with us through our ups & down, have a broad understanding of Elkoy itself. The rank will be given to those who are respected and appreciative of the rank. Below you can find the requirements - If you want to be reviewed for veteran, please contact any of the Forum Staff. Thanks, Elkoy Administration
  8. Saying my fair wells.

    im here for you, if you need someone
  9. Happy Birthday Elkoy!

    Happy Birthday Elkoy!
  10. Rip..will never forget you

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. sasukes


      didn't know that trueme was american ;o what a suprise

    3. X Dark Z

      X Dark Z

      Trueme isn't American. But there IS an American trueme.

    4. Raris
  11. New Year New Start?

    We won't be unbanning accounts, however we will lift all the UUID bans we have given throughout the year. For those who plan to play once we have lift the bans, use your 4th chance wisely and stay out of trouble.
  12. hi

    welcome to elkoy
  13. Superhuman Powers

    easily, being invisible.
  14. Hello Elkoy!

    Hi, welcome

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