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  1. Insomnia1995

    world cup (final games)

    Jinx France and make us worldchampions #WeAreBelgium
  2. Insomnia1995

    Current situation with Elkoy

    Pvm’ers aren’t meant to be protected in the wilderness... what protection do you have at revs ? Don’t believe we lost players due to this update. In fact it was nothing more than a bugfix.
  3. Insomnia1995

    Current situation with Elkoy

    Raids will blow this server through the roof ! Thanks for the communication great wizard !
  4. Insomnia1995

    Road to 1,000,000 Stardust Part Six.

    Gz nub ! Share ?
  5. Insomnia1995

    5.000 Saradomin KC! ^.^

    When is the wedding ?
  6. Insomnia1995

    Exodus - Rat Extermination Part 1 [Solo Edition]

    1. I don’t always PK in nex, torva hits more 0’s than full rune. 2. I’m at work rn, some people have other stuff to do than playing games 24/7 (crazy, right?) 3. I don’t pk in edge. 4. I don’t use void to nh/pk because I’m not broke,I do know how to switch and I’m not afraid to lose shit. 5. Sit down, enjoy your evening and wait for a new GB thread to come out. Kind regards, Insomnia
  7. Insomnia1995

    Exodus - Rat Extermination Part 1 [Solo Edition]

    Wow, that’s realy mature... As far as I know you never managed to kill me. Not in the period before GB, not now and probably not in the future either. The rare moments i’ve seen you at mb you constantly tried to pj my targets, rag me and pull the lever as soon as I started fighting you. Might be time to consider who’s the one that is actually chatting shit. PS : A little birdy told me the void knight misses you & he wonders when you’re going to pick up the 50 void sets you ordered.
  8. Insomnia1995

    Exodus - Rat Extermination Part 1 [Solo Edition]

    Why doesn’t it suprise me that these kills are all in edge ? You’re always pking in a zone where you can tab out or hugging mb lever.
  9. Insomnia1995

    Laurel or Yanny?

    If you don’t hear yanny : Go home, you’re drunk.
  10. Insomnia1995

    L2Math with google calc :DDDD

    Did you actually use a calculator for that ? ??
  11. Oh boy, excited to see this happening on Elkoy. Great job guys ! Good luck to all participating !
  12. Insomnia1995

    Reversed: Ironman progress thread

    That’s a sick iron account you have there, keep it up !
  13. Insomnia1995

    X Dark Z's Signature

    Cool wings !
  14. Insomnia1995

    Elkoy Updates [17/04/2018]

    Great work, as always !
  15. Insomnia1995

    Im sorry.

    Nice to see you back @Lvl3farmer. Hope everything is falling back into his place again. Was actually wondering how you were doing a while ago since you disappeared from the radar. Scared us a bit since we knew about your situation. Don’t think you need to apologize since it’s all very heavy what happened to you, the only thing that might have made it a little easier was a quick message to the admin team but It’s understandable you had to spend your time on more important matters at that time. Hope your sister is doing a bit better as well. See you seen on discord bud

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