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  1. Corrupt a wish

    The bank grants you 1 million Monopoly dollars, at least you'll have a warm winter by burning them. I wish I had a private jet.
  2. Thank you!

    You were a beast moderator and brought a good vibe into the team. We will definitely miss you... See you around and gl irl mitsu!
  3. Application

    Reply to the thread I linked below assuming you want to apply for pvm supreme. No need to make seperate posts for it.
  4. 500m skill poll

    Woodcutting was one of my enjoyable and not so click intensive 500’s. As most people above said : herb is your best guess when you’re searching for a fast but not so expensive skill.
  5. 2v2 Void Vanquish Sign Up Thread

    Player 1 : @Insomnia1995 Player 2 : @Nevy
  6. Elkoy Updates [23/02/2018]

    Sick update, thanks !
  7. Before & After

    Looks like you improved a lot. Your first gfx looks a little forced together and flat, the newer one you made is quite the opposite. Everything blends together in a nice way while still creating a bit of depth. Keep improving
  8. cmonbruh

    @rise against
  9. Inferno Service

    Doing inferno services for other people is allowed. Advertising this however isn’t. Not on the forums, not ingame.
  10. Interviewing Meteorites and Tungus

    @Meteorites Is it true that criminality on Elkoy dropped by 20% with you being part of the Official Staff Night team ? @TUNGUS Favourite fastfood ?
  11. Apple Computer Collection

    Too bad the excitement for your new device was replaced by anger & frustration. Awesome that after all everything ended well though
  12. Apple Computer Collection

    Keyboard is a bit weird in the beginning, keys are a lot ‘louder’ than my old one. Got used to it by now though. Love the touchbar as it realy switches functions to what screens/apps you’re using. Can use it to switch between browser tabs, play/skip/shuffle/... on spotify or other music players or just to display your f-keys. Fingerprint scanner works way better than the one on my Iphone 6 too, always accepted my fingerprint so far. Graphics etc. are great as well. The only issue I came across so far is the same issue as on every macbook : ventilation ... if you just put something under it so that the vents have more space to blow out the air, it solves it for the biggest part though. Note that I’m playing Elkoy on this macbook so yh, constantly using memory which makes it heat up faster.
  13. Apple Computer Collection

    Got the same macbook pro as in the picture you uploaded, only like 1-2versions older (think it was the 2012 one or so, one of the last ones with a cd/dvd reader in it) Recently bought the new macbook pro as well.
  14. Winter Award Winners

    Gz to the winners !
  15. Elkoy Updates [17/01/2018]

    In fact you should never been able to use the winter storage scroll in wilderness. Doesn’t work on Runescape either and doesn’t make sense that you were able to bank items while in Wilderness. Removal of BOB’s in wilderness will never be my favourite update either but I get the reasoning behind it and therefore support the decission. Don’t get your reasoning behind removing steel titans completely though. What has killing nex for example to do with multi pking ? You can still use BOB’s for single cb areas (PVM’ing) like demonic gorillas, frost dragons (you can use the yak to send bones to the bank instead of banking yourself), ... Some players prefer a unicorn, others a yak. Whatever suits you best I guess.

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