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  1. Whusgud yall

    Welcome to the forums @CallMeLinc !
  2. hello

    Hmmm... A new player with an e-donator sign, very legit why did you wait an age to post your intro ?
  3. Hey from Spanky

    Welcome @Spanky !
  4. Hey

    Welcome to elkoy @Dean !
  5. whats going on?!

    Welcome @maxsteel Use this guide for basic money making methods : I suggest to start with thieving for a bit of starter cash (dont forget to vote !) and training your cb skills.
  6. Hi everyone

    Welcome to elkoy !
  7. Rick Sanchez Illustration

    Looks cool bro
  8. Hello guys

    Welcome to elkoy
  9. Kidnape's GFX showcase V,2 !

    Mixed feelings about these, got some nice sigs but also a couple which are a little 'too much' imo. Thought I saw a different showcase of you a while back which suited me better. I'm not a gfx'er tho, I know how to do basic stuff in Illustrator & photoshop but that's it.
  10. Barrows Brawl

    ion Insomni1995
  11. Hello all

    Welcome to elkoy @Solstar !
  12. If you could skip any achievement for comp...

    None of the ones above tbh.
  13. Sup'

    Welcome to Elkoy @IceSickle ! Somehow you remind me a bit of @sasukes & @laith w :')
  14. Hello All

    Welcome to Elkoy @AverageRsps
  15. Whats up

    We already met shortly on discord during that gamingname prank anyways, welcome to the forums !