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  1. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Insomnia1995 Time played: 36 days 4 hours Time Zone: GMT + 1 (Brussels, Berlin, Paris, ...) IRL Name (optional): Fabio Favourite boss's: Barrelchest boss, I like living on the edge Boss experience: More than Gylphmedia Levels Attack 99 Strength 99 Defense 99 Range 99 Prayer 99 Summoning 99 divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) Yes, need a signature on that picture as well ? Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? I hope so. Little about yourself (optional): I'm basically here because Gylphemedia begged me to apply... Oh, and I'm a DJ Irl Can you use Discord? Yes we can ! How did you know of this clan? reqruited by..? Take a wild guess ...?
  2. Introduction {Tube}

    Welcome to elkoy @Tube ! Always nice to see new youtubers join
  3. My introduction - Hello !

    Welcome to elkoy @Lemon n Mint !
  4. PDJ Intro

    Welcome to elkoy @PDJ !
  5. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Can you just drop it ? If you want to keep on quoting the dictionary, scamming is not the same as stealing. A scam is always based on fooling people with tricks, stealing can be as simple as just walking out of a store without paying.
  6. Is staking a form of gambling?

    That's the worst comparisson I've seen in a long time. I've explained it over and over again so not doing it again, other players in here seem to get it but you don't. I'm not the type of guy who's going to try to convert people their opinion into his own so this convo stops here for me.
  7. Soul Wars Guide

    I'm starting to think you're actually adicted to soul wars Nice work, finally a guide we can forward people to when they need to refresh their memory !
  8. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Since you don't seem to get that I'm not discussing it further like I said earlier.
  9. Is staking a form of gambling?

    Why do you think Jagex hunts gamblers on RS ? It was never the intention to add it to the game (except on private severs ofc) and has nothing to do with it either. You can simply start gambling with a lvl 3 acc without stats & become the richest player online without even participating in the game. There are several gambling chat's with loads of gamblers. I hope we can finally end this discussion. It's not allowed on yell, being it against scamming or simply because this game is about more than gambling alone.
  10. Is staking a form of gambling?

    @Danny I'm sorry to hear you don't get the reasoning behind this, especially since it's the simple truth. Scamming isn't related related to gambling only like you said yourself, but 90% of the scam reports we get are FP related. Although banned players clean a part of our eco I can ensure you that we do not use this as a moneysink intentional. Players getting scammed isn't a positive advertisement for the server so this would make 0 sense, there are a billion other ways we can add/use moneysinks so that the eco stays healthy without cheating on the community. If you have suggestions of adding things to make the gambling scene safer, feel free to post your ideas in the suggestion section.
  11. Is staking a form of gambling?

    There is one simple reason why we do not want fp being advertised over yell and why we do allow it for staking. In theory you can not get scammed during staking, just check all settings before you confirm, there is even a warning when settings were changed. If you just spam click 'confirm' that's the perfect way to get yourself scammed. During FP you give other persons your trust, you never know 100% that they're going to pay if you win. We've even seen MM's scams in the past so there is no way to make this 100% secure. In other terms, we want to protect people from getting scammed. We punish scammers but fp'ing is partially at your own risk, also a part of the reason why we don't refund this unless the scammer decides te refund.
  12. Opinions on the iPhone X

    Always knew that samsung users having an 'explosive' character Ps : Probably only people who saw 'Breaking Bad' will get this meme.
  13. The Elkoy Chronicles IX

    Always interesting to read. Agree with froob on the riddle probably being tutorial island.
  14. Last Post Wins

    No, you seen my alligator somewhere?
  15. Introduction

    Welcome to elkoy @King j ames !