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  1. Last Post Wins

    Morning boys & girls, sup ?
  2. Any news

    Like we already told you a couple of times : This will happen when the owners decide to do so. The closest you’ll get to an accurate answer is by messaging an admin/owner in private (on discord for example) and having some patience.
  3. All my rare drops from 1000 Zulrah kc

    Nice, you seem pretty unlucky on getting tanz fangs which are the best drops after you have your mutagen Nice acomplishment though
  4. Who is me??

    Welcome to elkoy @Ovax !
  5. Massey's Intro

    Welcome to the forums @Massey, glad to hear you’re enjoying Elkoy so far
  6. phychobunny Hello k3

    Welcome @psychobunny, gl on your adventure always welcome if you need any help !
  7. Introducing myself

    Welcome @irontyler , hope you enjoyed the holidays as well !

    Last time rhett was online is 1+ months ago & he lost loads to other gamblers
  9. Sunzi has arrived.

    Another dutchie in the comunity, welcome @Sunzi
  10. Elkoy Updates [02/01/2018]

    You will. Preciously if a player held 300 frost bones for example and protect item protected 1 of those, the rest of them disappeared most of the time instead of dropping the remaining bones on the ground. So nothing changes for the players that is killed, only for the player who kills you.
  11. Hello there

    Welcome back @Ryan
  12. New Year New Start?

    Since I’m a server support and not a moderator I don’t get the latest news about punishments etc. Best to PM an admin to get more information.
  13. Completed ironman mode!

    Impressive Congratz froobster !
  14. Interviewing Mamba and False Hopes

    @Mamba - What makes you the community admin?
  15. Primary's Intro

    Welcome back @Primary !

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