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  1. Casalusio

    2v2 Clash of the godswords event - sign-ups

    Casalusio $ Beamer Boy
  2. Casalusio

    Some serious petluck

    Congratz on pet drops ! pretty lucky. :)
  3. Casalusio

    FINALLY: Loot From 100 Ice Demon Kills

    Sweet, goodjob aj
  4. Casalusio

    Unreal Luck at Kraken

    Haha, not bad gratz
  5. Casalusio


    ign casalusio
  6. Casalusio

    Future Goals and more

    Goodluck with your goals.
  7. Casalusio

    DH Tourny! #PvmLegends (CC only sorry!)

    ign: Casalusio leggo
  8. Casalusio

    Tungus Drop Logs 2017.07-26

    Sweet drops right there. Goodluck with more.
  9. Casalusio

    Dont back down kill pic drop off

    Nice knockouts. gj.
  10. Casalusio

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  11. Casalusio

    Flower Poker Event Signup

    ign: Casalusio
  12. Casalusio

    Blue Partyhat on 3rd Mbox

    Lucky mate, enjoy your p hat
  13. Casalusio

    Anyone got a ladder?

    Lol, funny as hell
  14. Casalusio

    Rate the song above!

    2/10 - not my type of music.

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