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  1. 07 Gambler

    What car do I buy?

    So, If you are looking sporty, I reccomend Focus RS or Subaru WRX STI's. But if you are looking for a family car plus a little bit of sporty, Check out Jeep Cherokee with the dual exhaust. Also Jeep Wrangler if youre into those!
  2. So are you trying to get your PSI back to 17.5 pounds? I recommend buying a 3 port boost control solenoid. It eliminates boost fluctuations.. Then I would find a shop or a friend who can tune your car. then it should be good., https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/turbo/subaru-3-port-boost-control-solenoid-bcs EDIT : just realized this guy xepa posted the same link as me what are the odds
  3. 07 Gambler

    Dharok's Tournament Sign Up Thread

    07 gambler
  4. 07 Gambler

    [Weekend Events] Hybrid Tournament

    07 Gambler
  5. 07 Gambler

    Sohan's Vouch Thread

    100% trusted. Super cool guy, VOUCH
  6. 07 Gambler

    Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    07 Gambler
  7. 07 Gambler

    Weekend of Events [Staking Event] Sign Up

    07 Gambler
  8. 07 Gambler

    Sohan's Gambling Clan Chat

    Definitely going to be a giant, respected CC. Especially with @Sohan running things it is going to be fun.
  9. 07 Gambler

    dark man102 vouch thread!

    great guy, trustworthy! respect.
  10. 07 Gambler

    07 Gambler Vouches

    Please feel free to vouch my in the comments below If i've payed you out, mm'd, or hosted you of any sort. Thanks
  11. 07 Gambler

    Dh Tournament Sign up thread 6/11

    IGN - 07 Gambler

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