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  1. hello pls help

    What does it say when you try and move and if you can't move at all do ::home @kentas
  2. hello pls help

    It is south of home by the altar he is sitting on a bench his name is sir tiffy @kentas
  3. Hiya.

    Welcome To The Community @Gontho
  4. Introducing the Monster Bash

    This is a Nice update I actually like it great work!
  5. Egx - Monique

    Welcome To Elkoy Enjoy your stay
  6. Hello all

    Welcome To The Community hopefully you've fun @WhosThatPKMN
  7. What is your drink of choice?

    My favourite is Vimto and Dr Pepper and Vodka
  8. Im Back

    Welcome Back To Elkoy @Tungus
  9. Coming Back To Elkoy.

    Welcome Back To Elkoy @Big R0b
  10. First 500M Runecrafting!!^.^

    Congrats dude might have to give that a try myself!
  11. Whusgud yall

    Welcome To Elkoy @CallMeLinc
  12. Ign: Pkerown nice vid Mate
  13. whats going on?!

    Welcome To The Server @maxsteel