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  1. Welfare Pk Signup Thread

    IGN: Rooner
  2. F2P Event - Sign ups

    IGN: Rooner
  3. Welfare Pking Event -Sign Ups

    IGN: Rooner
  4. Welfare Pking Event - Sign Ups

    IGN: Rooner
  5. Staking Event Sign Up

    IGN: Rooner

    IGN: Rooner
  7. PVM Legends Event (CC only)

    ign: rooner
  8. Dharok tourney - PvM Legends clan!!

    ign: Rooner
  9. Clash of the Titans

    Acutally, nevermind. Just read the post.
  10. Fp tourney! --- PvM Legends

    IGN: Rooner
  11. Skilling Pets Event

    Finally caught this fella ! Just after midnight ! tangleroot: chinchompa: ! best believe im getting them all ! ! I did it, however it took slightly longer than the weekend. !
  12. Overloads?

    Extreme magic potions you can make by combining a 3 dose magic potion with ground mud runes (Buy mud runes from the herblore store and grind them with pestle and mortar). For extreme range potions you have to use 5 grenwall spikes on a normal 3 dose ranging potion. Extremes attacks use supper attacks + avantoe herbs, extreme strengths use super strength + dwarfweed herbs and extreme defence potions use super defence + lantadymes. Combine all 5 extreme potions with a torstol and you have an overload
  13. Flower Poker Event!! Sign-up!

    IGN: Rooner
  14. Nice, time to hoard those vote books. Good luck everyone.
  15. Elkoy Updates [08/1/2017]

    Solid fixes, good work!