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  1. Dangerous Duo's - sign ups

    Rooner and fergus
  2. The tournament will begin after the random teleport hide and seek event. The tournament will take place at a private location. Failure to be online 5-10 minutes before the event starts when moderators are teleporting players will result in your name being skipped and disqualified from the tournament. To be entered all you have to do is comment your in-game username below. Rules Failure to abide by the following rules will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament You may teleport from the fight to prevent yourself from dying, however it will count as a death and your opponent will advance onto the next round. Ring of Recoils ARE NOT permitted. Prayer Renewals ARE NOT permitted. Soulsplit & Wrath ARE NOT permitted. 2 Saradomin Brews is the maximum that can be used per fight. Any form of flame or trolling during the tournament will not be tolerated, you will simply be teleported home. Staff members have the right to move you home if you do not abide by the rules set in place, for example standing where you aren't supposed to. Gear Setups Special Attack Weapon : Dds only Cape : Infernal cape > Tokhaar-Kal > Fire Cape > Other Amulet : Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Strength > Amulet of Glory Shield : Dragon Defender > Dragon Square Shield > Toktz-Ket-Xil Boots : Steadfast Boots > Dragon Boots > Rune Boots Ring : Berserker Ring (i) > Berserker Ring > Warrior Ring (i) Prizes. 1st place - $50 Scroll 2nd place - x2 $10 Scrolls 3rd place - x1 $10 scroll
  3. Higher or Lower - Sign up thread

    The event will start on Friday (2/2/2018) after the random teleport event. On Friday we're hosting a higher or lower dice game in a private location. Everyone who wishes to join will have to join my CC during the event and sign up here in the comments with your IGN. We'll be announcing on yell who to pm for a teleport to the event. Rules of the game: I will roll the dice in my CC and the players will guess if the number I roll will be higher or lower than 50 (50 is re-roll). If you guess the roll wrong, you will be moved home and eliminated from the tournament. Winners will be the last 3 left, may the psychichs win. Prizes: Winner: 50$ scroll 2nd place: 2 10$ scroll 3rd place: A 10$ scroll
  4. Dharok PK Event - signups

    ign rooner
  5. Flower Poker Event - Sign Up !

    Count me in, IGN: Rooner
  6. Obsidian Domination - Sign ups [04/11/2017]

    IGN: Rooner
  7. Staking Event Sign Up Thread

    IGN: Rooner
  8. Welfare Tournament Sign Ups

    IGN: Rooner
  9. Brothers In Arms - Sign Ups [15/10/17]

    ign rooner and ellepelle
  10. Mr Naz's Vouch Thread (^_^)

    Paid out around 10b in pots, vouch this lad
  11. Inferno Event

    I believe I won

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