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  1. Flower Poker Sign Up Thread

    ign: Ejna
  2. One Piece

    i watched all ~800 episodes
  3. Quick In Thread Giveaway

    ign: Ejna
  4. PvM Legends - Raids event!^.^

    Great idea ign: Ejna
  5. Elkoy Chronicles

    is it Overload?
  6. PVM Legends clan!

    Username: Ejna Time played: 9 Days 9 Hours Time Zone: CEST IRL Name (optional): Sandro Favourite boss's: Corp, Nex,Sire Boss experience: Able to do Corp, Nex, Sire, Kraken, Zulrah, Skotizo......etc. Levels Attack 99 Strength 99 Defense 99 Range 99 Prayer 99 Summoning 99 Do You Have Range or melee void set + divine + chaotic? ( If Yes Please Provide Picture Of This ) https://gyazo.com/fdc683e9c38589036d604dee93428fd0 Do You Have Basic Knowledge Of The Bosses Stated In The Main Thread ? Yes Event Availability times (server time): 8:00 AM - 13:00 AM Server Time Little about yourself (optional): 20 Years old from germany. IT-Engineer. Can you use Discord? I can

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