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  1. Raids development log

  2. Raids development log

    Skilling and puzzle rooms and few more things. Shouldn't be much longer tbh.
  3. Raids development log

    Working on the Great olm! Make sure to check the main post every few hours, a lot of progress happening!
  4. Raids development log

    Updated. Players who were disconnected during a raid will now be allowed to re-enter.
  5. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    Hey, no need to be ungrateful. Many of these changes will affect everyone, not just regular players. If you want to see some future updates just for ironmen, feel free to post suggestions here. I read them all!
  6. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    Don't think it's intentional, will get it sorted in the morning.
  7. Elkoy Updates [7/03/2018]

    This update contains a little bit of everything.. Except for raids.. Client Prioritized player rendering: The player you're interacting with will now be drawn on top of everyone else. I can see this being very useful in PvP as it'll no longer allow other players to stand under your target to force you to right-click. This can be toggled on or off in the settings interface. Loyalty titles will now be drawn before player names in the chat. This can be toggled on or off in the settings interface. More game messages will now be filtered. Fixed the Rune pouch interface being blurry and out of position. The experience counter toggle state will now save upon exiting the client. You can now shift-click items such as Looting bags and Rune/Essence pouches to empty them. Wilderness Looting bags: The useful looting bag has been implemented into the game. You can obtain one by killing any type of monster located in the wilderness. The drop chance is 1/45. Keep in mind that items stored in the bag are not automatically protected on death. You can store up to 28 items in the looting bag as long as you're in the wilderness. Untradeable items cannot be stored (Emblems being an exception). Items can only be withdrawn from the bag while you're in a bank. Chaos altar: We've redone the Chaos altar found in the deep wilderness. Offering bones on this altar will grant the same experience as if you were using bones on a Gilded altar in a player-owned-house. Additionally, it has a 50% chance of not consuming your bone. Simon located outside will gladly un-note any bones you have with you. You can teleport to this altar through the skilling teleports menu. The Wildy Wyrm pet drop rate is now 1/100 instead of 1/150. The killcount system will now save the amount of kills you have for the Wildy Wyrm. Added the Graveyard of souls. A scary place with a lot of Zombies! This area is no longer a multi-zone. You can teleport there via the PvP teleports menu. Combat Dharok's equipment effect has received a buff. Additionally, it'll now increase a player's accuracy the lower hitpoints they have. The Dwarven rock cake in the food store has been reworked and will now function properly when eating or guzzling it. A player can no longer drop below 1 hitpoints from self-damaging effects such as the Dwarven rock cake or Overload. Fixed a major bug which allowed players to attack another player a split second after their logout, causing their character to remain online and attackable even though the client had been logged out. Solved an issue causing special attacks to not go off if the player clicked on the special attack bar before the tab had been updated. Buffed Armadyl godsword's and Granite maul's special attack accuracies. Zamorak godsword can now properly freeze NPCs (unless the NPC is immune to freezes). Deflection curses/AoE attacks will no longer deal damage to untargetable players or npcs. Skilling Using bones on altars will now automatically begin offering them immediately. It will no longer show a dialogue asking how many you'd like to offer. Additionally, players can offer multiple bones on an altar in the same tick. Improved Woodcutting and Mining by rewriting the system which checks for hatchets and pickaxes. It'll now choose the best one available for your level. Arcis' Woodcutting skill tasks now properly register cut logs even if they were immediately burnt by an Adze. The Tool leprechaun can now note fellstalk herbs. Banks Bank search will no longer close when you withdraw or deposit an item into the bank. Items found in a bank search can now properly be dragged to tabs. Dragging items from the main bank tab to other tabs will no longer cause the entire interface to scroll up. Clanchats Clan owners can no longer be kicked from their own chat by their staff. Clan ranks will now show in clanchat messages. Ignored players' messages will no longer show when they speak in a clanchat. Fixes/other changes Emptying a Rune pouch with a full inventory will no longer cause runes to disappear. Teleport commands will no longer prevent players from teleporting in areas where they'd normally be allowed to teleport from (example being ::wests). Using the home teleport will now always teleport you directly to Edgeville. If you'd like to be teleported to the market instead, simply talk to the reaper. You can also teleport to the market via the teleport interface or by typing ::market. Void equipment pieces now cost 5 million coins to buy back from the reaper. The killer will receive 75% of the cost (3.75M). Fixed an issue causing Glacors to sometimes ignore player combat. Duradel will no longer give an incorrect Slayer hint for Aquanites. Fixed an invalid item drop from Infernal mages. Updated some older "Did you know" messages. The items kept on death system has been heavily reworked: The rare bug which was causing items to sometimes disappear on death has been fixed. Items in player-owned containers such as Looting bags, Rune pouches and Essence pouches will now act as any other item. If you do not protect them, they'll be lost! Toggling item protection prayers with the items kept on death interface open will now make it refresh immediately. Spent a lot of time redoing the way players interact with other entities in the game (players, npcs, objects). Trading or challenging a player will now cause your player to follow them, and then perform the action once you're close enough. You'll no longer be able to interact with objects or npcs from a mile away (Revenant caves exits). Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issues, please report them here. Thanks!
  8. Raids development log

    Been super busy with recent updates and bug fixes. Muttadiles are almost finished (still need some small tweaks) and I've updated the post.
  9. Elkoy Updates [26/02/2018]

    Following up the previous update with some more changes. Presets will now properly save and load Rune pouch setups . Note: presets created prior to this update must be updated for it to work! Presets can no longer be accessed until the player's bank PIN has been entered (if one is used). All multi-bosses will now show an interface of the top 3 damage-dealers when attacked. This can be toggled off or on in the settings interface ("Show top boss killers" option). PvP pathing has been improved. The player will now run to the nearest tile surrounding the target instead of just running into them. Artifacts have been buffed in terms of value. Revenants' drop tables have been updated with more beneficial drops. Tanzanite and Magma helms are now untradeable again. Additionally, they'll properly turn into a Serpentine helmet and a mutagen on death. Dying with a Rune pouch in the inventory containing runes will now properly drop those runes for the killer (unless protected). Additionally, fixed the bug where the interface and hover overlay weren't properly updated. The Revenant Caves entrance area is now properly accessible. Players using the oldschool teleport system can now access the "Balance elemental" and "Revenant caves" teleport. Cooking food in the wilderness resource area now properly grants bonus experience. Attacking a player in a duel with the "no movement" option toggled on will no longer send the rule-restriction message. Skilling interfaces will now properly close upon starting a new action. Arcis's herblore skilling-tasks will no longer use bad grammar. Bankers can now be interacted with from up to one tile away (allowing the ones standing behind bank booths to be used). 3rd age bow now properly acts as a Ranged weapon. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  10. Dharok's PK tournament sign up thread

    IGN: Oaky
  11. Elkoy Updates [23/02/2018]

    Hey! Figured we'd release an update containing some new juicy content while raids is being worked on. Presets A lot of people have been wanting this for a very long time. We all know how boring it is to gear up, especially for those who don't have an organized bank. Thankfully this update will make that much easier! Up to 3 presets can now be created for regular players. The higher Donator rank you have, the more presets you will be able to create. All bank booths, bank chests and bankers now have the right-click option "View presets", allowing you to access your collection quickly. Presets can be loaded even though some of the items are missing in your bank. The missing items will simply be skipped. Balance elemental The new boss has been out for more than a week and we've been keeping a close eye on it. We've done some small changes which should hopefully keep things more balanced. The "Health drain attack" will now drain more health from players. Additionally, it can no longer target more than 8 players per tick. This should make it a bit easier for huge teams to kill it. The Balance elemental now heals 5 per tick while there are Earth elementals alive (was 3 previously). We've modified the interface inside the combat area. It will now show the elemental's damage reduction modifier, amount of minions spawned and will also show effects such as active protection prayers and shadow sword. Additionally, while the Balance elemental is dead, a respawn timer will now show. Dwarf multi cannon has been disabled at the Balance elemental. Regular drops are now more common where as some rare drops have become even more rare. Fixes/other changes We've added a priority system for animations and graphics. This should make PvP and PvM much more smooth. An example being that a player performing a special attack animation will not switch to perform a defensive one when being damaged by another player. All revenants which were previously roaming the wilderness can now only be found in the Revenant cave. You can teleport there via the PvP teleports and then under the "Multi PvP" category. We've done some major changes to Lizardman shamans. All of their attacks have all been improved. Hopefully this will encourage more players to attempt to get the rare Dragon warhammer before raids are released. Blood necklace shards can now be found in the Soul Wars shop! The special attack bar will now turn blue when you don't have the required amount of energy to perform a special attack with your current weapon. Hovering over a Rune pouch in the bank or inventory will now show the stored runes. Runes picked up will now immediately go into the Rune pouch if it contains that specific rune type. The Bounty hunter target system should now be working properly again. Emblems can now be traded for either Blood money or coins. The Wildy wyrm now has a rare pet drop! Added a Construction pet! The chance of receiving this pet is 1/2200. The "Show other players' pets" option will no longer hide players' player-owned house pets. Added protection values for Drygore weapons. Firemaking in the Resource area will now properly apply bonus experience. Zahur now has the ability to clean or make unfinished potions from noted herbs. Swapping items via a bank booth will now properly swap all of that item and not just one. Replaced closed bank chests at Duel arena bank-area with open ones. Magic spells' final graphic will now properly occur when the hit is registered. Fixed a few bugs with quick-prayers causing them to sometimes not activate properly. Additionally, the quick-prayer orb will now be reset when all prayers have been deactivated. Praying mantis pouch now requires regular flowers to infuse, not red ones. Poison is now properly reset when a duel has ended. The Agility skill guide now properly shows that the wilderness course requires level 70 Agility instead of 52. The regular spell book's teleports will no longer show the player before the final animation has finished. Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is very much appreciated. If you find any issue, please report it here. Thanks!
  12. Hello professor, me and my fellow classmates were debating whether or not i should try to appeal my account, and they convinced me that i should give it a try, professor can you take a look at it?

    1. Julia


      Owners and Server Developers do not handle appeals. Wait for a Server Moderator + to handle the appeal @Yous bank

  13. Raids development log

    Started working on Muttadiles!
  14. Well this was needed!


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      OMFG insta nut.

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      Super excited for this update.  Excellent work!




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      OMG, Looking super cool :P Can`t wait


  15. Raids development log

    Shamans finished!

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