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  1. Can't wait to wear the 500M runecrafting master cape! :D 

  2. Free Internet Security ?

    Always used Bitdefender, really good at detecting nasty stuff and also runs very smooth in the background. https://www.bitdefender.com/solutions/free.html
  3. #devlog me and Zion spent the night working on bank placeholders! 



    1. rise against

      rise against

      cuties ^_^

      Nice work :D 

    2. Century


      yesssss, this is amazing! Keep it up!

    3. AGB
  4. #devlog Working on Fkeys


    1. Century


      Please keep up this #devlog blog you have going on :D

  5. Huge Giveaway! Win a PS4, XB1 & more!

    Good luck everyone!
  6. Working on max-xp Skillcapes which will have special perks. Make sure to start grinding if you haven't already.

    1. Harry


      Wow hype!! Can't wait to get my master cape.

    2. rise against

      rise against

      #first in 500M mining and RC this weekend :D 

  7. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Thanks for the list, most of them are being fixed right now. In the future, if you have any suggestions or issues please report them in their respective section. Chances are they'll be noticed quicker.
  8. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    I'm so sorry, this update doesn't include that. I'll do my best to push it into the next one.
  9. Elkoy Updates [6/09/2017]

    Inferno We can finally announce that inferno is very near release! It's currently in its final testing stage and should be released on the next update. Will you be the one to defeat TzKal-Zuk and claim the superior Infernal cape? Suggestions While @Macrosun has been working day and night on the inferno, I've personally been working on implementing suggestions made by you aswell as fixing all the pesky bugs I could find in the bug reports section. I'd like to thank all of you who take your time to help us improve the game. Added multi-crown support! Ironmen and Ironwomen who have a Donator/Staff rank no longer need to worry about their ironman status not showing. We've added a Snakeling pet to Zulrah's drop table! The yell channel will now properly show ironman ranks next to their username. When entering a player's house, any previous entered name will be displayed. Added the ability to toggle insert banking mode using a command (::bankswap). This command will be removed once we've modified the bank interface with a button for the toggle. Added the ability to craft Tiaras by using a Silver bar on the furnace with a Tiara mould in the inventory. Added the ability to enchant a Tiara by using it with a Runecrafting altar whilst having the respective Talisman in the inventory. Added the ability to craft runes with an enchanted Tiara. This means you don't have to bring a Talisman. More inventory space equals more Runecrafting experience! Rune/Pure essence can now be stored in familiars' BOB. Clay ore can now be mined. The rocks have a short respawn timer. Added the Dragon pickaxe special attack which temporarily increases the wielder's Mining level. Added the ability for Sir tiffy to reset players' Hitpoints skill for 2.5m. Sir tiffy will only do this if your other combat skills are level 1 to prevent abuse. Added milestones with global announcements for every 100 million experience gained in a skill. Added a new system for checking Slayer tasks, it's now dynamic and will adjust according to your Slayer task(s). The goal was to make it much quicker to check what's left on your task. It will now also send a message to the chatbox, incase the dialogue was closed before being read. Added the "Smith" option on anvils to allow players to quickly open up the equipment-making interface for their respective bars found in their inventory. We've added a "Make all" option in the equipment-making interface. Added the "Fill" option on Compost bins to quickly allow a player to store organic material in it. Added the "Rake" option on Farming patches. Removed the "Attack" option on other players inside the F2P arena lobby. New players will now join the "Support" clan chat automatically. Staff members can now broadcast global messages which will appear for everyone over the chatbox. Added the ability to string a Rabbit's foot in order to make a Strung rabbit foot necklace. Fixes The player who dealt the most damage will now get an NPC's killcount rather than the one who was the NPC's last target. We've reworked the way Slayer tasks are handled. This system will allow us to add new Slayer content much easier in the future. It will also fix all the issues players have been having with task amounts not going down after a kill. Please note that once this update goes live, your current task will be reset. We've reworked the Dark bow special attack. Now has proper damage boosts and graphics. Vanguard, Trickster and Battlemage equipment damage boost will now apply for special attacks aswell. The damage boost will no longer work in the Wilderness. Leveling up a boosted stat did not make a player's combat level update, this has now been sorted. The issue causing the client to freeze for players with music enabled in the Slayer tower has been fixed. Fixed Sheep sometimes not respawning properly after being sheared. Fixed the issue where players get stuck in the fence of the Wilderness agility course, causing them to not be attackable. Tormented bracelet will now properly boost Magic damage by 5%. Ballista special attack damage boost will be noticeable when using the ::maxhit command. Ballista can now only be fired using javelins. There was a bug causing players to be able to use other ammo sometimes. We've reworked the projectile system for Ranged weapons. Should now be much more accurate in terms of speed and delays. No longer allow Dark bow/Magic shortbow special attacks to be fired if player has less than two arrows equipped. Bandos godsword special attack will now properly drain a target's stats. Fixed a bug with the Agility Ape atoll course, causing a player to be able to receive experience with very little effort. Some Ranged weapons were performing the pullback graphic twice, this has been fixed. Removed pullback graphic for Toxic blowpipe since it shouldn't have one. Fixed an issue with starting a Fight caves minigame. The issue causing the bank at the Event area to not function properly has been fixed. The Rockslides in the Event area can now be used to leave the battleground. Fixed the Ring of suffering's recoil-toggling. Fixed Ring of suffering charging; wasn't sometimes deleting the correct amount of recoils. Added stats to the Ring of suffering (r). Added stats to the Gilded dragon pickaxe. Fix teleporting as Monkey would cause the player to start performing some very odd-looking animations. No longer allow players to bring Charming imps into Dungeoneering. Fixed Charming imps' right click options being mixed up. You can no longer insure a Charming imp. Made the Yanille bank usable. Properly format a player's username in the POS title. Chargeable items will now stack properly in the bank, such as tentacles. Made the Rope swing and Log balance at Barbarian Agility course trigger the action immediately instead of having to click on the objects twice. Corrected Cooking level requirements for Sharks and Giant sea turtles. Saradomin/Zamorak GWD boss areas now have proper level requirements to enter. Fixed an issue allowing players to use Herblore potion ingridients on eachother to trigger the potion-making interface. Changed the Ring of wealth reward in the Elite barrows minigame to a fully charged one. Enchanting the Ring of wealth will now properly grant a fully charged ring. Fixed enchanting spell not taking elemental staffs into account when checking for runes. Reworked the Superheat item spell. Will now properly grant proper Smithing experience for the bar made. Also buffed the Magic exp gain. Using the new smelt system we added a few updates ago. In other news.. We're working on a big update for you skillers. Stay tuned! Make sure to let us know what you think of this update, your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    Thanks, added those to my to-do list. Definitely looking to add as many different elite tasks as possible. As for Kuradel's current location - it is just temporary to allow players to easily get familiar with the new system. We'll be moving it soon.
  11. Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    It's the top priority right now and will be fixed very soon. edit: It's been fixed now.
  12. Elkoy Updates [18/08/2017]

    Hello! Here are the updates for this week. This update contains a few big changes, mostly to the Slayer skill, which have been confusing players for some time due to the amount of masters. Slayer has received a massive change and now uses only one Slayer master for all types of tasks. You can find the new Slayer master, Kuradel, west of the bank in Edgeville. Added the Herb sack to the regular Slayer rewards store. This sack can be used to store up to 30 of each cleanable herb. The Slayer dart spell has been added. Glacors can now be assigned to you as an elite slayer task. Levers have been redone. Pulling a lever will now spawn an unclickable lever in its place for 6 game ticks. Added a lever south of Edgeville bank which takes players to the Deserted keep (also added an easy achievement for this). Webs have been redone and will now temporarily spawn a slashed web for 60 seconds. Players can now use daggers (along with other sharp objects) to cut through webs. Added Thid age pickaxe and hatchet. These can be obtained as a rare reward from Wilderness treasures. Using Bones on altar now uses the new skilling system. New actions started will cancel the sacricificing of bones, this includes walking. Also fixed an issue causing the bone sacrifice graphic to not appear on the altar. There's now a 1/500 chance of receiving a Golden Rock golem pet when cashing in stardust! There's now a chance of receiving a Rift Guardian pet when Runecrafting! It will change form when crafting runes using an altar. Destroying an item will now delete the entire stack and not just only one of the item. Void knight mace can now be used to cast the Claws of guthix spell. Void knight deflector now counts as a Void knight equipment piece. Mandrith can now exchange more than one artifact at once. The building in level 51 wilderness can now be entered and the staircase is also functional. This can be used to escape from player killers. A player no longer needs to lockpick the Axe hut or Pirate hut doors in deep wilderness if they're already inside. They can simply exit the buildings. The lock picking procedure has also been updated to use our new skilling system, which means that any player-made actions will cancel the lockpicking of a door. Nerfed the Construction experience gained from building Oak cape racks whilst buffing the high-tier ones. This should bring more diversity to Construction training when it comes to what furniture to build. Cleaning a herb will now close all open interfaces. Changed the Recipe for disaster rewards chest to an open one. Teleporting using jewelry will now properly remove charges (if applicable), even if the item is equipped. Players are now fully untargetable during any type of teleport. Rewrote the way objects are handled upon being clicked. Fixed many issues related to distance checking (including the bug where a lever could be pulled from more than 5 tiles away). Fixed F2P Arena issue causing players to be teleported back after leaving. Fixed a tile causing Dungeoneering to be force-quit. Fixed well of goodwill donations sometimes not going through. Fixed stackable ground items not merging when double drops were received (an example being Summoning charms). Fixed ironman game mode clashing with a player's rank. Fixed an issue causing the lever at the Deserted keep to sometimes block teleports due to a player's high wilderness level. Fixed Gilded Dragon pickaxe animation. Fixed the issue with turning Gilded equipment into a set. Fixed experience gains during combat for special attacks with more than two hits. Fixed attacks against Godwars bosses/minions coming from outside the boss room. Fixed Godwars bosses/minions showing aggression towards players outside the room. Fixed Chaotic crossbow showing an invalid amount when using the maxhit command. Fixed Hunter npcs respawning. Staff members now have the ability to modify the Riot wars start-timer which will be useful for events. Make sure to tell us what you think of these changes below. Thanks!
  13. Elkoy Updates [08/1/2017]

    Hi! This update mostly consists of fixes that were urgently needed ingame. The Inferno is still on the horizon so make sure to keep a lookout for that one. The Ring of suffering can now store Ring of recoils. It can also adjusted to either ignore or recoil incoming player or npc damage. Ring of recoils will now return 40 damage before crumbling to dust. After jewellery enchanting was introduced in the previous update, Ring of wealth quickly became worthless. To tackle this, we've changed how they work. Ring of wealths now have 5 charges. A player wearing one has a chance of receiving double drops. When they do, one charge will be consumed. Once the Ring of wealth has run out of charges, it will crumble to dust. The imbued Ring of wealth has unlimited charges, grants a higher chance of receiving double drops in the Wilderness and also randomly grants bonus Summoning charms (the amount is based on the player's rank). Bolt enchanting has been re-added. A player is able to enchant up to 15 bolts per spell cast. Teleporting away during npc combat would sometimes lead to the npc not being attackable for others, this has been fixed. The Queen black dragon has had a few tweaks and will no longer receive full health during phases. Buying items from the Agility ticket exchange will now properly count towards the achievement "Exchange 50 Agility tickets". Buying multiple Graceful equipment at once will now properly count towards the achievement "Buy 6 pieces of Graceul". Players should no longer be spawning outside the Duel arena when starting a new duel. Fixed an issue which was causing players to not be able to attack each other sometimes in a duel. Fixed an issue which was causing players to not be able to unnote certain items. Click actions are now disabled when wearing Ring of stone or Ring of coins. Click actions are now disabled when walking over obstacles. Stackable ground-items on the same tile will now properly merge when going global. Special attacks which do double damage will now properly grant experience for the second hit aswell. All crossbows have been added to the Ranged skill interface. Saradomin murmur now properly grants bonus magic damage. Fixed an issue which was causing players to sometimes receive Elite slayer points during a regular task. The Shooting star can no longer be spam-clicked for bonus dust. The amount of possible Dragonstones received from looting a Kingly imp has been lowered. Super mystery boxes have been added to the store and they have higher chances of receiving good rewards. The Korasi's sword special attack will no longer ignore npc's special defences. Steel titan will no longer ignore npc's special defences. Rune pouches are now untradable. Fixed an issue with shops which was causing players who bought an item to sometimes receive a different one. Vet'ion will no longer spawn more than 2 hounds. Added proper level requirements for serveral items, including Mage's book, Subjugation robes, Virtus boots.. Familiars can now be used below level 10 Wilderness. Make sure to tell us what you think of these changes below. Thanks!