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Found 40 results

  1. Hey everyone, For the first time ever Elkoy is doing a huge giveaway. We're going to be giving away rewards such as a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS XL, Razer Gear & More! Check out how you can enter and win these awesome prizes at https://event.elkoy.org Goodluck everyone and I hope you guys enjoy it, if it goes well we'll do more in the future! Kind regards, Elkoy Administration Team.
  2. New Video + GIVEAWAY WINNER!

    Spent a lot of time on this one, hope you enjoy!
  3. Hope You Guys Enjoy!! <3

  5. Loot from Jad Pet grind!

    Loot from Jad Pet grind! Got the Pet @ 203 KC The cape count is not exact from 203, I left some capes on the ground when my inventory was full!
  6. Get Wr3ked Vouch Page

    If i have mm'd for you or paid you out . please drop a vouch for me. thank you!
  7. SinV Pve clan**

    SinV PvE I would like to welcome anyone here looking for a clan to join on Elkoy! SinV was constructed due to the lack of clans currently, and as a place for people who just wanna PvM and chill without developing disease. Clan Chat: Master Po Po Leaders Master Po Po RULES: Splits on team bossing MUST be pre-determined** Absolutely NO SCAMMING* Don't harass people for laughs* If you are caught being toxic, action will be taken* Most importantly, have fun, make those gains, and rise to fame!! Requirements: Simply be Lvl 126+ ingame, post a recruitment request with some info about yourself and contact me in game! *****THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT, I WILL BE DOING FURTHER WORK TO MAKE IT NICE:]*****
  8. Here's me attempting some more m box's and failing miserabley and also doing the same at fp'ing lololol
  9. HEY Elkoy!!, I am back with a new video (for the last 2 days I've been trying to rid of them ferocious black bars around the clips :l. ), but here we go heres part 2 of the starting from scratch series hope you guys enjoy Revenant's for the win If anyone would like a video made on something specific please feel free to pm me ingame on Kronx or Gold pieces or on the forums at anytime
  10. Ex Ikov player :)

    Hey guys! IGN is Ballistyx played ikov for a long time and im just getting back into the rsps scene! i enjoy a lot of PVM and skilling ! im definitely going to be a part of this server for quiet some time. If you ever are looking for a duo slayer / duo dung partner hit me up! im down to do PVM bosses as well. add me in game thanks guys, Ballistyx
  11. 10Bill+ Giveaway!

    Guys, it was a fucking amazing Run! Hope you guys did enjoy this INSANE Staking Session On Elkoy! ----------------------------------------------- GIVEAWAY RULES --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Like This Video. 2. Subscribe To This Channel. 3. Comment your Ingame Username. 4. Subscribe To My Second Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM00...NOTE: YOU HAVE TO DO ALL 4 RULES TO ENTER THE 10B+ Giveaway Till Next Time PEACE!
  12. ***For short version and no complaining, read the colored text. Hello fellow Elkoy gamers! Thanks for clicking to view this thread. First and foremost I would like to say that attempting to get the parts to craft a Royal Crossbow is a royal pain in the ace.. I have yet to see anybody achieve all the parts required to craft and acquire the Royal Crossbow. I've been told the Royal Crossbow is better than Chaotic Crossbow (which makes me strive to get it as I use a crossbow for most Player vs Monster (PVM)). Now if its not (better than Chaotic Crossbow) correct me and disregard the rest of this thread because I'll have no reason to thrive for it anyways. But if it truly is the best crossbow, I here, will attempt to lay out what I believe is a more reasonable way of obtaining the Royal Crossbow, as currently it just seems quite impossible to get. - I would love to see Royal Crossbow parts drop at a set Kill Count at QBD. For example: The Coral Crossbow that parts are added to could drop at 10KC, then the Royal Frame could drop at 50KC, the Royal Bolt stabiliser at 100KC, Royal Torsion Spring at 150KC, and finally the Royal Sight at 200KC. - Those are actually my suggested Kill counts for the drops as well. Allow us players who are willing to put in the time, to get the Royal Crossbow from a set Kill Count drop at Queen Black Dragon, instead of a random drop rate of 1 out of 200, which is what I've heard the drop rate is. (1/200 would normally be a very reasonable drop rate if the Queen Black Dragon didn't take on average 8 minutes per kill) - To avoid any potential confusion here: I'm not suggesting to change the drop rate to 1 out of, for example 50 KC for Royal Frame, I am suggesting that when a person achieves 50 Kill Count milestone on QBD the Royal Frame will be in the Dragonkin Coffer as loot specifically from that 50th QBD kill milestone ( Royal Bolt Stabiliser at 100KC, and so on as suggested). -I'm not recommending this is done for the Dragon Kite Shield, def keep that a random drop rate, because at the end of the day no one really needs it, not going to increase dps, is majorly only going to be used for cosmetic. ^*****If this suggestion is implemented I also suggest that the Royal parts, and the crossbow itself, are made Un-tradeable. ^ Also to mention, there is little to no other reason to even kill the Queen Black Dragon unless you're dreaming of getting the Royal Crossbow, D Kite, or there for a slayer task. (This is a suggestion for if drop rate stays they same and everything on this thread except for this gets ignored. Or possibly regardless?) It would be great to have a few sort of "pain reducer" drops at QBD so you don't feel so jaded. For example: Make it a possibility for QBD to drop the following items: Tooth Half key unnoted, Random amount noted from 1-5 Loop half key unnoted, Random amount noted from 1-5 Starved Ancient Effigy (Not sure if you can get this from QBD already, I never have) Kbd pet at 1/4th the rate KBD drops it Dragon Platebody Dragon Arrows Dragon bolts (e) Noted amount of d bones ranging from 10-100 Random amount of runes (Bloods, Deaths, Souls) Dragon Full Helm Dragon Boots Draconic Visage Dragon Defender Eye of the Ranger Dragon Hatchet Random amount of dragon bolt tips ranging from 10-250 Random amount of noted uncut dragonstones ranging from 10-50 Random amount of Grimy Torstols, Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed, Avantoe ranging from 1-100 (I love these herb drops as I like to make my own overload flasks) Random amount of noted crushed birds nest ranging from 10-50 Random amount of raw or cooked sharks and rocktails ranging from 20-150 Random amount of noted Saradomin Brew Flasks or (4) dose ranging from 1-25 Random amount of coal ranging from 100-1500 Random amount of magic seeds ranging from 1-20 Random amount of overload potions (4) ranging from 5-25 Random amount of random planks (Oak, Teak, Mahogany), ranging from 5-50 Random amount of herb seeds ( Torstol seeds, Lantadyme seeds, Dwarf weed seeds, Avantoe seeds, Toadlax seeds, ranging from 5-35 (Thinking of things ironmen would be greatful for as well) ^Those are just a few drops I could think of, i'm sure there is so much more that would be awesome as a "pain relief" drop on the road to getting royal parts if my main suggestion is not implemented, or regardless of if it is. Ultimately if none of these suggestions are implemented I will be quite a sad camper as I want royal crossbow enough that i'll probably end up camping QBD at some point and wasting my life away with nothing to show for it, lol. I really hope my main suggestion gets implemented, or simply that the royal parts drop much more often without a possibility of duplicates (before your first completed Royal Crossbow) - If this was made the case I still suggest to make the royal crossbow un-tradeable so that only people who took the step to kill QBD could have royal c-bow and it wont be in market or 5m a piece. (I don't want to see everyone and their Grandma running around with a Royal Crossbow, but i'd love to be able to earn it more reasonably. I think the set KC I've listed for each part leading up to killing QBD 200 times to acquire the Royal Crossbow are just about perfect. It is so rare to currently get all the Royal parts that I would even be happy if you had to kill a total of 400 to get all the parts, therefore 100 kills per part. Although I think 400 total QBD kills for QBD is a bit much, I'd still prefer it over the current drop rate. I put a lot of time and thought to create this thread to be as flexible as possible through the various potential changes that I've listed (I'd very much like to see some sort of change in the way we are able to obtain a Royal Crossbow). I hope through the effort I put into this thread, you can see how passionate I am about helping Elkoy to be the best that it can possibly be. I will be posting more threads from here because I always have many ideas, and will love to see Elkoy grow into what it deserves through valuable content updates that maybe I can help with Thanks for your time, and I genuinely look forward to putting thought into many more ideas - Yours Truly, Chester
  13. Finally got the chaotic rapier! Thanks for the support and enjoy the episode.
  14. Hands down the best episode yet, so much happend, was a crazy episode. Enjoy!
  15. Hope you all enjoy episode 5. A bit shorter than usual, have had a lot of problems recently with PC and irl stuff. Wasn't able to upload Saturday, but expect an upload on Tuesday. Thank you all again for the support.
  16. I've been getting lots of support recently. Thank you all! Almost at the chaotics, going to get it either in episode 5 or 6. Stay tuned for more, and will be uploading Saturday + Sunday! Thanks again.