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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone, For the first time ever Elkoy is doing a huge giveaway. We're going to be giving away rewards such as a Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS XL, Razer Gear & More! Check out how you can enter and win these awesome prizes at https://event.elkoy.org Goodluck everyone and I hope you guys enjoy it, if it goes well we'll do more in the future! Kind regards, Elkoy Administration Team.
  2. PvM Legends Clan event

    Hello pvm legends clan I am doing a quick pvm event today at 6pm GMT timezone, currently 2 hour and 45 minuites from this thread being posted. The event will be the first person to get any kind of pet from a boss, (this excludes jad pet because the droprate is high). Requirements: Must be a ranked member of the clan to win. Must have lootshare on at all times so that I can see the drop. Enter your ingame name in comments so I know who will be participating. What will you win? https://gyazo.com/f4219bde330fc91056db7e877f1e836f
  3. Wonderland's Departing Event

    Hello fellow Elkoy community In the next hour I will begin my Server Departure event. I will be hosting: 1.) Drop Party 2.) Several Games of Hide&Seek 3.) A few rounds of trivia I Have a few simple rules to follow. 1.) Do Not PM me asking for things, you'll be disqualified and I will not distribute any prizes to you. 2.) H&S, YOU MUST TRADE ME: The trade order will determine who gets which prize. 3.) If you're a sore loser or toxic in chat I will consider you ineligible to receive a prize. 4.) Have Fun Here is the prize pool:
  4. http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/OFZo2g75GE You must create a Challonge Account to enter. Only Level 3 Players with base stats (Every stat the same as you created the account) may participate No items / weapons / foods / drinks or anything of the sort are allowed. Only ONE entry per person is permitted - You may use an alternative account Your Tournament registration name MUST be your Elkoy alias. It is your responsibility to provide proof of the outcome if it is demanded, not ours. - Record fights to prevent issues. Recorded fights MUST include video footage of your stats, equipped items AND inventory. If neither player has proof of an outcome then a rematch must occur under supervision. Once a duel is over, BOTH participants must report the results on the Elkoy Discord in the #Tournament channel. https://discord.gg/6jQFrxg Elkoy in-game rules apply at all times. And most importantly, have fun. $150 Donor Scroll Pixel - $120 Scroll Sleepyflame - $20 Donor Scroll Storm - $10 Scroll If you'd like to donate some prizes (Store items) to the event, that'd be greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory. Contact me through Forum or Discord PM if you're feeling charitable.
  5. Vote Away! Hide and Seek Trivia Karaoke Level 3 Boxing Tournament $150 Donor Scroll Pixel - $120 Scroll Sleepyflame - $20 Donor Scroll Storm - $10 Scroll If you'd like to donate some prizes (Store items) to the event, that'd be greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory. Contact me through Forum or Discord PM if you're feeling charitable.
  6. tl;dr = • Tl;dr summary Halloween Event With development progress going well (@Chris), even if we miss the October launch date by a week or two it would be a real shame to not take advantage of a Halloween event, considering we even have a Halloween forum theme. Given that everyone's got their hands full with the bare essentials, a Halloween quest probably seems too trivial but even something basic such as talking to x NPC would suffice. Here's little mini-quest that would be cool to have for getting this out of the way with. - Talk to Farmer Fred at Home, get told to inspect his cabbage farm for strange vegetables. Upon picking cabbages, you have a x% chance to pick a Pumpkin (Untradeable), once you receive you pumpkin, you return it to Farmer Fred and he tells you he can carve you something spoopy out of it if you bring him a knife. After that, he'll carve out a Jack lantern mask for you (Untradable for now). Would be best if the quest is only do-able once per IP. Jack lantern mask Halloween item + Miniquest to receive it. Do-able once per IP. Blood Money Blood Money would be a great currency for PvP related stores. The system for obtaining them would be as follows: Single Kill: 0-2 Blood Money, 2 for players with a higher combat level, 0 if they are a far lower level. Kill Sprees (Up to 5): +1 Per chain kill, so your first kill would give 1-2 blood money, second kill in a row would give 2-3, third kill would give 3-4, fourth kill would give 4-5, fifth would give 5-6, again going off the premise of if their combat level is higher, it's an extra blood money, however after you hit 5 kills in a row every kill from then on will only give 1-2. Target Kills: Killing your PvP target would award you with an extra blood money on top of what ever other bonus you potentially have. Shutdown: Any sort of 5+ Kill spree shutdown would award the player with 3 blood money. Allowing for a potential max blood money for a single kill to be 9-10 Blood money will not be loot you can pick up and drop, it will instead be put in your inventory as a destroyable item and will not be lost upon death, if however you have a full inventory then the blood money will be placed on the floor under your character). Keep in mind this is just a placeholder system and is probably fairly flawed, the main suggestion is to exchange pkp with blood money. Replace Pkpoints with Blood Money as it's a more modern currency PvP / PkPoint Shops Thanks to @Messy and @Liam for their input and help on this suggestion. Go and subscribe to their channels, they produce great content. Also @Duke who suggested this on Skype. I'll have a link to their channels down below. PvP Shop #1 - Equipment Barrow's Sets - 35 per set Staff of Light - 30 Rune Defender - 30 Dragon Defender - 50 Fighter Hat - 100 Fighter Torso - 100 B'ring (i) (requires standard version) - 500 Warrior's Ring (i) (requires standard version) - 400 Archer's Ring (i) (requires standard version) - 400 Seer's Ring (i) (requires standard version) - 400 Tokhaar Cape - 120 Experience Lamp - 50 Greater Experience Lamp - 100 PvP Shop #2 - Supplies Dragon Arrows - 10 for 1000 Cemetary Teleport - 5 Bolt Racks - 1 for 100 Cooked Karambwan - 10 for 50 PvP Shop #3 - Cosmetics Dark Bow Paints (Green, Yellow, White, Blue) - 100 Whip Mixes (Volcanic, Frozen) - 150 Granite Clamp - 150 Fury Ornament Kit - 200 Infinity Colour Kits (Dark, Light) - 150 Dragon Armour Ornament Kits (Sq Shield, Legs/Skirt, Chainbody) - 150 Dragon Defender Ornament Kit - 100 Godsword Ornament Kit - 150 Katana - 500 Golden Katana - 1000 (Requires Normal Katana) Elite Armour Set - 500 Samurai Armour Set - 500 Ankou Outfit - 500 Demon Masks (Lesser, Greater, Black, Jungle, Old) - 100 On other servers, PvP rewards are usually useful items and gear to aid players while they PvP, and more often than not, there aren't too many flashy / bragging-right sort of items. Ikov had 2 or 3, and most other servers have none, or have items like Partyhats. Imo, I think it would be great if the Pkpoint / PvP shop had 3 different options, one for supplies, equipment and one for cosmetics. This way players who spend most of their time Pking have something to show off with. Three separate PvP shops for supplies, equipment and cosmetics with cosmetics being far harder to obtain than standard equipment and supplies as they would be for players who truly dedicate a lot of time into PvP and want something to show for it. Achievement Diary Gear This is somewhat of an addition to the 'promote end-game pvp' idea, I think it would be neat to introduce Achievement Diary Gear as a sort of milestone PvP reward. Each set would require a certain amount of kills to unlock the gear with and would require you to repair them upon dying with them (with gold). The items will have standard gear stats, adamant, rune, dragon and barrows (in respective order, or just mithril, adamant, rune, dragon) and will require 250, 500, 720, 1000 kills to unlock (again in respective order). To repair the armour sets, it would cost 10m, 50m, 100m, 500m (in respective order). Achievement Diary armour sets being introduced as milestone rewards for PvP. Moneysink to repair. Initially my idea was for all the pvp cosmetics to be purely untradeable however they would see more use if they were tradeable. Titles PvP Titles Challenger, Killer, Captain, Elite - 100 Killcount Gladiator, Overlord, Reaper, Chief - 250 Killcount Crusader - 500 Killcount Conqueror - 1000 Killcount Vanquisher - 2500 Killcount Champion - 5000 Killcount Kingslayer - 100 Shutdowns Executioneor - 200 Shutdowns Butcher - 100 Kill Sprees Exterminator - 200 Kill Sprees Assassin - 100 Target Kills Hitman - 200 Target Kills Looter - 500 Items Looted in the Wilderness Plunderer - 1000 Items Looted in the Wilderness Raider - 1500 Items Looted in the Wilderness Bandit - 2000 Items Looted in the Wilderness Skilling Titles Attacker - 99 Attack the Strong - 99 Strength Defender - 99 Defense Archer - 99 Range Priest - 99 Prayer Wizard - 99 Magic Runecrafter - 99 Runecrafting Builder - 99 Construction the Healthy - 99 Hitpoints the Agile - 99 Agility Herbalist - 99 Herblore Thief - 99 Thieving Crafter - 99 Crafting Fletcher - 99 Fletching Slayer - 99 Slayer Hunter - 99 Hunter Miner - 99 Mining Blacksmith - 99 Smithing Fisher - 99 Fishing Chef - 99 Cooking Pyromaniac - 99 Firemaking Lumberjack - 99 Woodcutting Farmer - 99 Farming Player-Vs-Monster Titles Guardian, Dragonslayer, Titan, Warden, Squire, Knight, Acolyte, Marauder, Emperor, Warrior, Manhunter - 1000 Men Kills Phantom - 500 Nex Kills Hellraiser - 500 Cerberus Kills Elementalist - 500 Chaos Elemental Kills Kalphite - 500 Kalphite Queen Kills Daggermouth - 500 Dagannoth King Kills Mole - 500 Giant Mole Kills Skeletal - 500 Vet'ion Kills Arachnid - 500 Venenatis Kills Predator - 500 Scorpia Kills TzHaar - 500 Jad Kills of Bandos - 500 General Graardor Kills of Saradomin - 500 Commander Zilyana Kills of Zamorak - 500 K'ril Tsutsaroth Kills of Armadyl - 500 Kree'arra Kills the Undying - 500 Phoenix Kills Nomad - 500 Nomad Kills Gorgon - 500 Zulrah Kills Titan - 500 Corporeal Beast Kills Dragonslayer - 500 King Black Dragon Kills Misc Titles Spooky - Participated in a Halloween Holiday Event Merry - Participated in a Christmas Holiday Event Eggcelent - Participated in an Easter Holiday Event Festive - Partiicpate in a Holiday Event the Generous - Donated to the Well of Goodwill 50 Times the Wealthy - 2147483748 total gold pieces Merchant - Completed 1000 Trades Hungry - Eaten 5000 Food Thirsty - Drunk 5000 Potion Doses Questmaster - Completed all Quests Completionist - Completed all requirements for a Completionist Cape Skiller - 99 In every non-combat skill (Not exclusive to people with no combat skills) Pker - 1000 Killcount Pvmer - 10,000 NPC Kills Warrior - 99 in every combat skill Duelist - Fought 500 Times in the Duel Arena Devoted - 100 Votes Claimed I ended up moving around end editing each section quite a bit, so if anything doesn't make sense lmk.
  7. With the Release crawling up right around the corner, I figure it'd be a great way to start things with a little giveaway. I've no idea what sort of event to hold so I figured lets ask the entrants what they'd like. Hide and Seek Trivia Karaoke $120 Donor Scroll $10 Donor Scroll Pixel - $120 Scroll n/a n/a n/a n/a If you'd like to donate some prizes (Store items) to the event, that'd be greatly appreciated, but is not mandatory. Contact me through Forum or Discord PM if you're feeling charitable. tl;dr - Comment what sort of event you'd like to be held and it'll be added to the suggestions event and a vote will be held in the near future.