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Patience Pays Off

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A bit of a preface: Back in May, I grinded out a ~750 Zulrah kc in  a 5-6 day time span. Due to doing so many kills in such a short time period + not getting a rare drop since 385 kc, I was more or less burnt out and have only done ~100 kc since May. 


My last rare drop was at 385 kc: 59a60cf0c7f58_ScreenShot2017-05-18at8_26_28PM.png.2d3895c68b882b45599ad284b3cd8e42.png

Due to the egging on from @Verxi, I decided to head back to Zulrah for what I figured would be another dry trip (471 kc dry/562 kc dry for rare tradable drop) and then this happened:




 Alsoooo - @Verxi let me know when you de-iron so I can give you this magic fang :D


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