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Good Bye Lads.

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I've join this server somewhere in the middle of may. It's been very fun playing this server for 3+ months but now I have to focus something going on in real life. My college is starting tomorrow and I have to focus on my studies; so I won't be here till May, 2018.

It was great making new friends here over the internet. I want to give a huge shoutout to those who's been very good friends & to those who helped me a lot. This includes @rise against @Jonez @Mamba @Mario @Craig @H A R R Y @Raris @Yogi @Julia @Supreme @Akinfenwa @Lolfish @James @KidNape/GFX @Pkerown @insomnia1995 @VippyRS @laith w @sasukes @Harry @Fergus @Matrix @Cal @Logan.
( Sorry if I forgot your name )

If you want to add me on Discord, feel free: "Azeem#1352"
If you want to add me on Skype, feel free to shoot me a PM.

I'll be back on May, 2018 as stated above. I wish you all the best of luck in your life. Good bye lads! :) 

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Ok now, its pretty sad to see you go for like 8 months, real life always comes first.

ur a really nice guy, one of the most nicest ppl ive met on here, i hope you do well in college brotha STAY IN DISCORD THO.


Kind Regards

-nick crompton

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Way to avoid my rap battle challenge.

Jokes aside, best of luck wih your studies keep in touch on Discord.

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Hey Azeem,

This is quite unexpected...

Honestly... I like you dude. 

Like, when I first joined this server back in June I didn't know a lot of people. Then this "hooded eminem lookin' mofo" came along and called me a "noob".
That's basically how our friendship started. Us calling each other "noobs", Haha.

You're a good guy Azeem. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, especially not from this guy @Mario (jokes).

Best of luck in your studies of becoming an accountant!
I know you're gonna slay those courses with your hands behind your back, maybe a few ladies along the way as well... ;);) 
That's always a nice bonus to have you know, Hahaha. 


I'll see you again soon my friend!

Yours truly,


P.s. Of course, I'm always available on Discord to talk whenever you feel like it. 

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