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God spell Gauntlet - 10/09/2017

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The event starts at 1:30 PM Server time / 9:30PM for the English. In just over 1 hour 30 mins from this post.

Tonight we will be hosting a the God Spell Gauntlet event. The event will take place in a private location. The event will be in a multi-combat area. 
Failure to be online 5-10 minutes before the event starts when moderators are teleporting players will result in you not being able to participate in the event.

Those who wish to enter will only be allowed with the setup shown below. This will be a last man standing type of event (be prepared to lose your items).

If we catch you cheating or using gear you're not allowed to wear we'll simply move you home without warning. 

Prizes will be a 120 scroll for the winner.

There is no need to sign up for the event, as it's a FFA tournament. Simply make sure to be online and pm a staff member for a teleport when it begins.

The staff team will be checking, if we find you cheating, we will ban you from any future events and be moved home.


Gear setup:



You may chose any colour of mystic, any god cape, any god spell.

Note that the godspells each have different effects:
Flames of zamorak: Reduces target's Magic level by 5%.
Claws of guthix: Reduces target's Defence level by 5%.
Saradomin strike: Reduces target's Prayer points by 1.

Purchase your gear at the Magic store at ::home.

You may not bring an amulet or shield.

No more than 6 brews, no summoning, no recoils, no spec weapons. 

You may bring a regular Seer's ring or no ring at all.

Overheads(protection prayers) are NOT allowed.

You are allowed to use the 'Charge' spell to boost your damage.

It is recommended to use the regular prayer book, to use augury for increased accuracy and damage.

Didn't think I had to add this but; you may ONLY use the god spells from the regular spell book.

Failure to follow the setup or the rules, once again, will result into you being removed from this and any future events.


The Events Team

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