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paying 10b if you can figure out whats wrong with my car.

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alright guys, ill pay anyone that can figure out whats going on with my car 10b. super serious. any questions you have just ask, ask in game to get a quicker answer. my in game names are dboots and jdm wrx, ill start by explaining the problem, then what mods i have, then things thati think may help identify the issue. 

i have a 2011 subaru wrx. 

i was pushing 17.5 psi for the longest time and then i downloaded a tune for 93 octane fuel and then ran it for about two weeks... then it dropped down to 7-9 psi max for about two days... then i re uploaded the 91 octane tune and it raised to 11 psi and then after about a week it rose to 12 psi and about a month later im at 12-13 psi depending on air temps. 



i have a cobb SF intake with a v2 cobb accesss port. 



i have done a leak test with a smoke machine up to 20psi and absolutely no leaks.

it reaches that peak boost (12-13 psi) very quickly as normal

it runs perfectly other than the lower peak boost.

purely just a psi issue. no other issues whats so ever. 

stock turbo

i have an oilable filter than i clean and oil every time i really get into the dirt on a dirt road.

clean my maf 2 days after cleaning and oiling my filter and after each oil change 

this is the tune i am currently running: https://www.cobbtuning.com/maps/2011-subaru-impreza-wrx-mt-stage-1-sf-map

update: i reset and relearned my ecu, i went from running 13 psi to 14 psi.... while i was at it i changed it from a LWG tune to a NWG tune so im not sure if that was the difference or if it was the relearn... 

i have the factory bypass valve still, not an after market blow off valve


any other questions just post or pm me!




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So are you trying to get your PSI back to 17.5 pounds?   I recommend buying a 3 port boost control solenoid. It eliminates boost fluctuations.. Then I would find a shop or a friend who can tune your car. then it should be good.,   https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/turbo/subaru-3-port-boost-control-solenoid-bcs


EDIT : just realized this guy xepa posted the same link as me what are the odds

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yeah im talking to him in game right now. the 3 port requires a pro tune/cobb tuner...i cant afford that.

 what are my other options?

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Don't run any 93 tune in that engine setup without a need for 93 fuel. The tuning ran his timing advance up too far to sustain and and had triggered the knock sensor till the computer triggered a reduced boost map. All I could tell him to do is change the oil, plugs, and hope a relearn doesn't catch the knock sensor go off before it maps back to 17+.
Q: how important is it to get new plugs?
Not as important as the oil but as important as checking the injectors. Just easier and more informative
If he has a tuner he might have the right tool for it. But chances are he has to take it to a dealership for that.

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your engine and stock turbo aren't tuned and built to run 93 octane. When running big mods like that you can't upgrade a few things. You need to balance it out by doing it all. The set up you have right now can't burn the fuel fast enough because it's super high performance. It's like working out your upper body and having skinny legs lol

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29 minutes ago, dbones said:

im not running a 93 tune anymore. 91  only

you may have already messed it up then man, might have to take it to the dealership and talk with them 

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