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Killing Jad with 1 Prayer Point, low hp, and F2P Gear

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When Professor Oak announced that pray flicking and prayer functions were fixed, I started thinking of challenges and what things I can do with that. So what better thing to do than give myself 1 prayer point, low hp, and free to play gear to kill Jad with. This run gave me really good RNG on my hits, I had a run earlier that I was in for over 5 minutes and then ran out of prayer.

No potions used, my stats were at 99 excluding hit points and prayer. 

If anyone can copy my gear, with 1 prayer point, and hp under 10, with a video I will give them a 1b cash! Post your video below. First person to do it as well, so only one winner for the 1B. Goodluck!

-Please show your stats before hand

-Make sure to show you only have 1 prayer point

-Make sure you have below 10 hp (osrs style hp - so 100 hp new hit points)

-Follow the gear setup below




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