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If anyone remembers me from before please send me a message id love to reconnect but for now i'm going to just re paste my first intro into here and if you have any questions please ask away. 
(The only thing that changed so far is that i'm now a Certified BSN [Nurse] instead of AT/Sports Med.)



Whats up guys my IGN is Aetius, I've played a bunch of servers in the past years and have met a lot of great players in the past. I've seen great servers torn apart by Eco Cleaning, and Corrupt staff and the last 6 months I haven't been able to find a server to spend my time.  My friend Yo im Devyn told me about this server starting soon and I was really excited. The community of the server already seems very cool and chill, and I am very excited to get to grinding on this server. Usually in ever server I play I play the lowest XP multiplyer and get maxed, depending on how PVMing is I will spend most of my time doing that. But of course when all the work is done and I have some free time from skilling, I MAKE BANK. I look forward  to seeing the economny grow and the player base grow aswell. IF you see me in game and want to say hello or duo a boss toss me a friend request and ill be down! Becoming an active staff member in servers is something i strive for as well so hopefully I can show my attributes and maybe you will see me with a crown in game sometime! If you have any questions for me dont be afraid to comment down below and I would be more than willing to answer some of your questions. 

Hope to you see you guys on the server soon, and stay classy!

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