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Official return after a year.

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Hey fellow looters, I’m neshie.

I’ve decided to return to rsps after my departure almost a year ago.

To summarize everything I’ve just been working on my degree in media arts and working on a minor in arts.

See you all ingame.

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9 hours ago, Attra said:

Welcome back to Elkoy @Neshie!

I’m curious as to how rigorous a media arts degree is? I’m somewhat versed in photoshop, but I’m self taught so that leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I first had a disadvantage since everyone in the department knew more than me. But once I learned the equipments and programs of certain aspects , film development, video production, photoshop, I loved it. Everyone in the department was like family. This was the most fun I had in college and I knew that this is something I wanted to do in my career.

Photoshop by the way is so much fun, it’s the main reason why I’m interested of taking art courses, taking up animation.

7 hours ago, imlikeevil said:

Hola, I am a newer player. Cool to see that the server has veteran players. Welcome back!

Ah, welcome to you also. Picture me as a bigger noob since I don’t know anything, starting from scratch.

7 hours ago, Tungus said:

Holly cow! It's about time u came back. 

Yes, I know right, I’m hoping the wilderness is active, I’m hungry for some dharok loot.

5 hours ago, rise against said:

Welcome back @Neshie ^_^

If you need any help , feel free to pm me ingame :)

Get ready for some spam of question.

2 hours ago, Piggypwns said:

@Neshie , Welcome back .. I guess  I remember you from ikov you were a mod there.

Shhh you extreme donator. I’ll use my 220k blood rune I looted on you if you try anything fishy.

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