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To begin playing download the client HERE, then login with your desired username and password, no registration required! Some usernames are already taken, in which case you'll get "Invalid username or password", choose a different username if this is the case. For more help and general chat join our Discord HERE.


PVM Loots - I P V M

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https://gyazo.com/5b520de99e69a142c26e145db781e502 (blowpipe)- first in game

https://gyazo.com/a9e2a1c42c58ff31cb254000072a3d08 (3A Plate)

https://gyazo.com/48556292ace5b3e7c60cda4b214552a1 (Onyx )

https://gyazo.com/fbdfa6365986b744f57c67de1c769ef4 (Fang ) - first in game

Never took screenie of SOTD, oh well  

*04/02/17 EDIT* https://gyazo.com/3398f4cdaf13fc67eaf325f735624310 (Kraken tent)

*04/02/17 EDIT* https://gyazo.com/174a96d8021ce500e79eb89c7688e99a (Trident)

*04/02/17 EDIT* https://gyazo.com/81724c821af91ae9d61a03d89350922a (Kraken/Zulrah kc) 

*04/02/17 EDIT* I've been quite lucky with my drops I think

*05/02/17 EDIT* Guys I got a Battlemage top (I equipped it) I called it too, read chat! https://gyazo.com/3d4520e48433ce46ecc0670e58cf0b74

*05/02/17 EDIT* Trickster robe (top)  https://gyazo.com/6c2ca5878f97bcbe6a5af2fc06a81cbc

*18/03/17 EDIT* Occult Necklace, been wanting this for a while! https://gyazo.com/5b399e3855659f3676f90db94fc7363b

*27/03/17 EDIT* Second Magic Fang drop from Zulrah 

Random Vanguard Body obtained this week: https://gyazo.com/618257b4d07171730b481d1c321a2720

 *28/03/17 EDIT* Received my second Blowpipe https://gyazo.com/23b48dbb9f33c50423298c97a619e6c5

*29/03/17 EDIT* Received my third Blowpipe https://gyazo.com/7757c09aef5fcc859af77ceba870a4c4

*31/03/17 EDIT* Received my first Serp helm  https://gyazo.com/82b07ef0374c1cdfc5179549441d2396

*31/03/17 EDIT* Received my first Jar of the Swamp  https://gyazo.com/acbacb16f870e24bb0ec7b2648b57cd4

*31/03/17 EDIT* Received my fourth Blowpipe  https://gyazo.com/91b8a51ec184830f0c2d0d867644f553

*01/04/17 EDIT* Received my second Serp helm https://gyazo.com/d991215a18ab9c1a565b6d9a1cbbecd2

*02/04/17 EDIT* Received my second Jar of the Swamp https://gyazo.com/1d0632090fc186581cc18453a3c903bd

*02/04/17 EDIT* Received my third Magic Fang https://gyazo.com/3aba7f2f562d8f94118704dd0abb1132

*02/04/17 EDIT* 1K ZULRAH KC! https://gyazo.com/11753140f2165a7edb2301a3c5e33db4

*04/04/17 EDIT* MAGMA MUTAGEN  https://gyazo.com/4bdaac6051602240b45a4a55fcab2923 [Around 1.1-1.2k KC]- first in game

*04/04/17 EDIT* Primordial Crystal (140 KC) first Cerb drop https://gyazo.com/b480192ffc1dee09f3d2f0f3cc73f6fe

I think I'm done with Zulrah for now, just wanted a mutagen. Have invested my bank into rares so that I'll have more cash if I come back. ;D

Hope you're enjoying reading these PVM loots!

oh yeah i had 700b+ at one point ; ) [ELKOY] Staking & Gambling | 1.5 Trillion+ (5B GIVEAWAY) <-- Video of when I got cleaned, courtesy of @Zanthez; working on the best iron man to exist!


Iron Man Loots [Psychician] 

Third-Age Platelegs: https://gyazo.com/0e1a64303a3276a729811a69fb929581

Third-Age Druidic Staff: https://gyazo.com/909e23c668799c2c5028343dd78aa496

Third-Age Range Top: https://gyazo.com/2a5067e0f768925be04f14b6ec395071

DRYGORE RAPIER: https://gyazo.com/5de193fc0739b6f55a4bf1b3c865d0ce [Got very lucky, I must say!]- first iron man to get drygore in game

Spectral Sigil (67 KC): https://gyazo.com/6875c5b8179325d1acec0d9355b6a47f

Corp Pet (72 KC): https://gyazo.com/cfedf311059fe0f75c962b711354ab98

Second Corp Pet (79 KC): https://gyazo.com/245c7e5aa14dc5ecb3dfa7051b586667

Second Spectral: https://gyazo.com/014198409bdfa41799ec535d6b2cc502

The Divinehttps://gyazo.com/9a4be8440b3484497b47ccfadff20a4f

Third Spectral: https://gyazo.com/8dc756cc206bad7ce65929cd16a82db6

Fourth Spectral: https://gyazo.com/44bbb0bb0cd81a429f39f73b8bf53bf5

Third Jar of the Swamp: https://gyazo.com/002d511138e709b3521b3e7feb3d57f3

Fifth Blowpipe: https://gyazo.com/aad4975c1319971561a3d5fbb2310120

Jar of Darkness: https://gyazo.com/dff3073a0d11e0110d34c2af1c02caad

Skotos: https://gyazo.com/b6eb20c526dbbff8b7333733f44f8520 (FIRST IN GAME)

D pick: https://gyazo.com/6d3b2414c315b5a449c35dacd8b2251b

Demon Puppy: https://gyazo.com/afa3dd15acb81b14ab57421f51684405

Eternal Crystal: https://gyazo.com/43c911cdbdeb8ace7a813c43a54e71fb


Finished my Iron Man series on Elkoy, as I thought I had pretty much everything; drygores, all spirit shields, phoenix arm, 3a etc...

*I'm thinking of going for the Royal Crossbow+ Dragon Kite+ Inferno cape!*

Royal Sight (1/4): https://gyazo.com/9156fe631117265ced0fcf94f797e6f6

Royal Stabiliser (2/4): https://gyazo.com/dfa9c1fd7f2089941954686d6f5d0368

Armadyl Crossbow: https://gyazo.com/23d00ccfe792c6b58997c6d3f0a2b32c (first working one in game+first on yell)

*Sold Royal Sight, gonna go for 500 KC so i probably will get more on the way, had a good offer*

[Update Second Mutagen, Ring of Coins]

Got quite lucky today, here's some of my drops as of 27/07/17:

Battle-Mage Helm: https://gyazo.com/f86496aa780f7e79b7c8f25666160667

Battle-Mage boots: https://gyazo.com/a662689a591b58034c5eeef3de67a048

Vanguard Legs: https://gyazo.com/5f9e8369748c0a7f2ad3d45413f78cf6 (Read Chat, funny!)

Vanguard Body: https://gyazo.com/77c8905f1120783049cdb84a7e1a43de

--- 4 Drops within a few hours, pretty good.

Second Royal Sight: https://gyazo.com/4d345ff7d7e3d9e116b3431d567ba5af

Vanguard Boots: https://gyazo.com/30ecc8b2087e19830f71a69a0d114f06

Another Vanguard Boot Pair: https://gyazo.com/9a710577ba2da21437c1c8954eebfd5b

Trickster Legs: https://gyazo.com/1c4871c4d8fd53d58c4984118f0c9d4d

Vanguard Legs: https://gyazo.com/db2210805c91ab9bdc6b457666b265c6

Battle-Mage Helm: https://gyazo.com/20e4dcab8a5a6028d01e5d227994eae6

How many Vanguard boot pairs are we gone get ;)https://gyazo.com/8feb5f203e1158c691d757a5915184b1

Trickster Robe: https://gyazo.com/1cf6b13067a66882f8602b79489102cb

Vanguard Legs: https://gyazo.com/9911a630f234a75a48305046051c142a

Vanguard Body: https://gyazo.com/4627ba375fc2fab1698426c840bcf2b3

Trickster Helm: https://gyazo.com/680923f5c6958e0cafcf99db50ad3803

Got a few more Phoenix drops, just don't really feel like updating this thread with screenshot's as it's becoming to look like spam. Going to stop uploading my Phoenix screenshots to this thread, unless I get something spectacular; e.g. the pet.

*Also, if you would like to help me tidy this thread up, please send me a message on the forum, I will credit those whom help!*

Taking a little break from Elkoy again until further updates, I will update 20+ rare drops when I get the time, this will include two Phoenix pets and some pretty amazing double drops!

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Thanks everyone, I have also received a Kraken tent ?

14 hours ago, Tommy17890 said:

Godly luck, teach me.

Congratulations man!

How many kills did it take you for blowpipe?

44 zulrah kills for 3 items

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16 hours ago, Mario said:

Literally so lucky, keep it up dude.


4 hours ago, Meme said:

Nice loot, good luck on future drops

Thanks guys, what do you all reckon I should get next?
Also I've updated the drop log!

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4 minutes ago, Verxi said:

I'd suggest you get going on QBD or Ice Demons, wanna see some juicy loots from those. 

What does QBD drop? And I'm working on my Elite slayer points :D

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Yay battlemage drop guys, keep updated!

Got Vanguard, trickster and more phoenix drops, I won't be posting drops from Phoenix anymore due to the high frequency of drops.

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Got Vanguard, trickster and more phoenix drops, I won't be posting drops from Phoenix anymore due to the high frequency of drops.



Edit: Have made over 15B from Phoenix and have sold my Blowpipe. I will get one soon when I grind for zulrah scales, don't worry!

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