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Custom Donations List

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General Information 

  • A Custom Donation is separate from a regular donation for donator scrolls or buying tokens directly off the shop. 
  • The price is $200 dollars for one custom item of your choice and $400 dollars for one custom set of your choice.
  • You will NOT receive any tokens and your account will not receive the $200 or $400 dollars added to your total donated count.
  • For information on how the process works since it is a large sum of money being traded, private message Harry, Macrosun, Fergus or Supreme on the Elkoy Discord.

List of Popular Customs ($200 Dollars)

Custom Sets ($400 Dollars)

  • Skeleton Set: Screenshot Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots, and Gloves slot
  • Royal Set: Screenshot Helm, Amulet, Chest, Legs, and Weapon slot
  • Lord Marshall Set: Screenshot Helm, Chest, Legs, Boots, and Gloves slot
  • Prisoner Set: Screenshot Chest and Legs slot
  • Chicken set: Screenshot Helm, Chest, Legs and Boots slot
  • Naval set (all colors): Blue set | Purple set | Black set Head, Chest, and Legs slot
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